5 Rent Staging Furniture Ideas To Close Deals Faster

Nicely decorated homes and rental properties sell faster. For this reason, real estate agents take pride in implementing the best rent staging furniture ideas. They implement market research techniques to establish the best overall advertising strategies. As a real estate agent yourself, you need to create more specific strategies to close more deals. This is especially true if you want to close deals more efficiently than before. The key to this success could lay in your furniture staging tactics. To increase your profits quickly, read on and discover the top rent staging furniture ideas to close deals faster.

Keep Bedroom Furniture Minimal

One of the most profitable rent staging furniture ideas to implement is keeping bedroom furniture minimal. Whether you are working with landlords to stage furniture or hiring a company yourself, costs can put a hole in wallets. Therefore, you need to spend as little capital as possible. To do so, reduce the amount of furniture you place in certain rooms. Since most prospects prefer to imagine their own bedroom sets in their potentially new home, the bedroom is the best place to keep simple. Choose a bed size according to the size of the room. If the bedroom in a home is relatively small, put a dresser in it to show that it can still be a comfortable space. Larger bedroom do not necessarily need any furniture aside from a bed. Keep your costs low and your sales high by implementing this rent staging furniture idea.

Select Neutral Pieces

When looking to rent staging furniture, select neutral pieces. Each home has its own style and color scheme. Thus, each home usually needs its own type of furniture. Rather than renting out different furniture for showings near each other, use the same furniture for both. If you schedule showings for two houses within the same neighborhood on different days, you can get away with renting just one set of furniture. However, this will only work well if the furniture matches both homes. Neutral furniture does just that. Furthermore, neutral pieces force viewers to pay attention to the homes themselves. You can save money and boost your sales with neutral pieces.

Stick To One Style Per Home

Also, stick to one style per home when you rent staging furniture. You can sometimes use the same pieces of furniture for multiple homes. However, if the homes are completely different in style, the inexpensive option mentioned above will not work well. You need to style each home consistently. A living room with a rustic fireplace and wooden accent pieces will not go well with a modern dining room with all glass furniture and bright white walls. Consider the outside of the home. If it looks rustic on the outside, use rustic furniture on the inside. You can use architecture marketing tactics to draw attention to the structure of homes. Then, bring your strategies to life through furniture. Since prospects chose the house based on its outside appearance, mirror that appearance with the furniture your choose. Then, you will close deals faster with your rent staging furniture tactics.

Style Dining Room Tables

To rent staging furniture effectively, style dining room tables. A home’s dining room is meant to be one of the most inviting places. Some prospective home buyers walk into a houses to relatively empty rooms. If each consists of just empty, long dining room table, it will not seem inviting. In turn, the prospects will be turned off and move onto other homes on the market. To intrigue prospects and assist them in envisioning their future lives in the homes, style dining room tables in each house you furnish.

Focus On Lighting

Finally, focus on lighting when you are staging a home. The lighting creates ambience, which increases prospects’ opinion of the house or rental space. By adding more light to a room, you create a more welcoming scene. The best type of light is natural light. However, every home does not have large, open windows to let sunlight in. To make up for lack of natural light, rent light fixtures. Consider chandeliers for dining rooms. Floor lamps and table lamps work well in living rooms. You can also decorate bedrooms with floor and table lamps. With light bulbs that mimic natural light, you can create an advantageous ambience with artificial light fixtures. Focus on this small, but powerful element when choosing rent staging furniture.

If you want to increase your sales and profits, rent staging furniture to decorate homes. When doing so, keep bedroom furniture minimal to stick to your budget. Choose neutral pieces to keep prospects’ attention on the establishments themselves. Select one style per home and stick to it throughout each room when staging. Also, style dining room tables to create inviting atmospheres. Lastly, focus on lighting in each room to establish lively, welcoming homes. Use prospecting tools to track your sales process and notice increases. Implement these rent staging furniture ideas to close more deals.

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