5 Types of Social Media Consultants That Will Increase Brand Reach

Social media consultants are incredible individuals capable of determining what customers want, where your brand is excelling, and where it may be falling short. However, the world of social media is always changing, and requires brands to be tapped in to those changes. While the parameters needed for successful posts are changing with the trends, it is still possible to succeed in social media marketing. As a marketing professional, you may be looking for new talent to help keep your social media strategies within parameters. Here are 5 types of social media consultants that will increase your brand’s reach and keep track of trends.

Full-Service Consultant

The first type of social media consultant is a full-service consultant. They are capable of creating strategies as well as content, scheduling posts, and reporting on their engagement. As a result, all of your brand’s marketing and advertising needs are in one place. This allows for simplicity in making changes to your marketing strategies. In addition, a full-service consultant will often be able to grow and scale their services with your brand. These consultants are great for brands looking to expand rapidly or to work with corporate enterprises.

Development Consultant

Another type of social media consultant that will increase your brand’s reach is known as a development consultant. They are all about using the existing social media related to a brand and developing it to expand the brand’s reach. This is done in several ways, one of which is the congregation of otherwise scattered consumers in the online space. Another way this is done is by engaging in conversations around your brand, building customer trust as well as answering questions they may have. Development consultants are also capable of highlighting the social media platforms most beneficial to your brand. As a result, these consultants will greatly expand and develop your brand’s reach.

Data Analyst

Data analysts are a third type of social media consultant to consider when searching for ways to increase brand reach. They are comfortable with various social media analytics and tools. Many consultants use advanced business data analysis tools to generate accurate results for your brand. In addition, they tend to be more interested in connecting your brand to influencers instead of followers. As a result, your brand is now linked with individuals who can exponentially increase your brand’s reach by promoting it on their own social media. They also can suggest improvements to future campaigns. Surely, a data analyst is one type of social media consultant that will greatly increase your brand’s reach.


The simply-named marketer is a fourth type of social media consultant that will expand brand reach. They know how to autonomously conceptualize and manage entire campaigns on various social media networks. Their campaigns can have a range of goals and purposes, as well. These include increasing customer growth, loyalty, and profitability. As a result, your brand’s reach will be expanded by someone who ideally can be left to their own devices. This allows you to spend more time analyzing the metrics of their campaigns and suggesting new ones. Absolutely, a marketer is one of the best social media consultants to increase your brand’s reach.

Community Manager

A final social media consultant category that will increase your brand’s reach is community managers. These consultants are often the face and voice of their brands. They do this by engaging in and driving conversations with consumers as well as increasing brand awareness. Customers tend to engage more with an actual human representing a brand than just a brand by itself. In addition, the community manager will work on new methods of engaging the community. This can include posing questions and highlighting consumer responses, as well as replying to customer inquiries. This results in a more personalized approach to both marketing and customer engagement. Simply having a community manager will go a long way in expanding your brand’s reach.

The world of social media is vast, and there are many types of marketing and consulting within it as a result. One type of social media consultant that will increase your brand’s reach is a full-service consultant, who will simplify many of the social media marketing processes. Another type of consultant is known as a development consultant, someone who can highlight specific metrics and develop them further. Third, data analysts are a type of consultant that will take your data and insights and use them to both connect to new audiences as well as improve future endeavors. In addition, marketers are a consultant category capable of creating and managing their own campaigns with little input needed on your part. Finally, community managers will increase your brand’s reach by simply adding their presence and personality to your marketing efforts. When searching for social media consultants to increase your brand’s reach, consider the types mentioned above.

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