Staying Professional While Showing Off Your Personal Fashion Style

55% of Americans say that the way they dress reflects who they are, according to Reuters. This shows how important it is to wear clothes in the office that show off your personality. If you’re really into fashion, consider starting a clothing line and marketing it. However, you must ensure you stick to your organization’s dress code at all times.  So how do you combine the two successfully?

The Plus Or Minus One Rule

Dressing well for work increases your confidence and improves workplace productivity. One study found that participants dressed in casual clothing made substantially less money ($680,000) than individuals dressed in suits (more than $2 million). The plus or minus rule is a way to make you feel more powerful. If your colleagues wear blazers to work, go one better and put on a suit. In workplaces where just shirts are worn, put on a neck tie to show that you mean business. You can do a similar thing when you’re going out on the weekend. For example, you could layer up a basic top with a fitted blazer or denim jacket.

Mix Up Your Accessories

As a general rule, gold or silver pieces of jewelry are best for the workplace. It’s also recommended that you wear no more than three items of jewelry and stick to basic pieces such as a watch, bracelet, ring, or necklace. This rule applies both at work and at home. If you want to show your softer side with your accessories, opt for minimalist jewelry. A pearl necklace or a set of diamond earrings may not seem like much, but they’ll make you feel strong and important. It’s possible to look glamorous in the office and at home too. A cocktail ring with an oversized colored gem will make you stand out for all the right reasons, while a bold pendant necklace will make a statement.

Fix Up Your Hair

Though hair isn’t an item of clothing, it is a component of your overall fashion. Though you might not be able to spice up your wardrobe, you can always find something new to do with your hair. If you have an interest in hair, consider starting a hair salon. You can blow it out, pull it into a ponytail or bun, straighten it, or curl it. If your outfit seems boring one day, pull it together with some loose bouncy curls. There are endless hair types you can try and add to your personal fashion style even when being professional.

Say It With Color

Most businesses like their employees to wear formal clothing in basic colors, such as black, white, and gray. This doesn’t leave much opportunity to show off your true style. You can however overcome this by popping a bright colored shirt underneath your suit. Another option is to wear a smart pair of colored statement shoes. It’s best to avoid wearing red in all areas of your life though as research has found that it’s associated with low intelligence. Blue and green are much more intelligent and cheerful options, according to Quartz.

Keep Makeup Subtle

44% of females refuse to leave the house without makeup, according to Science of People. It’s best to go with a less is more approach, while keeping to a style that works well for you. Avoid dark eye products as these can look harsh. Instead of black mascara, use brown or clear for a subtler appearance. If a smoky eye is your thing, blend with different shades of pink rather than grays, browns, and blacks, as it’s much softer and is easy to wear. A striking lip shade can then be used to complement your makeup, while allowing your personality to shine. Of course, there are several additional office beauty makeup tips you can follow.

Create A Mood Board

You can decorate your office or desk with a mood board. Include your favorite clothes, patterns, or fabrics. Of course, consider attaching images of your favorite models or actors wearing outfits that fit your brand type. Friends, coworkers and colleagues can see your style just by visiting you during work. While you will still be dressed professionally, you can show off your personal fashion through your decorations.

What you wear says a lot about your personality. When you’re at work you need to ensure that your fashion choices are powerful but suitable. Meanwhile, in everyday life, you need to be comfortable and fashionable. Of course, keep up with style, pattern and jewelry fashion trends.

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