5 Subscription Billing Platform Features To Speed Up Sales Payments

There are several features top subscriptions billing platforms offer to manage your payments. Building your own billing system can be tedious, risky, and complex. Fortunately, third-party subscription billing platforms can help you manage the logic surrounding pricing tiers, upgrades, downgrades, and discounts. As a finance professional, you can use a subscription management platform to effectively handle the pricing structure of your business’s product. It can also allow you to experiment with your current customer billing model. Read on to discover several top features top subscription billing platforms offer to manage your sales payments.


Invoicing is one feature top subscription billing platforms can offer your business to manage payments. Ideally, a comprehensive billing management system should be able to translate delivered and processed products accurately to the customer through a professional invoicing document. For example, telematics companies may use distance traveled, drive time, and fixed recurring fees for certain products or services. A strong subscription management platform needs to have sophisticated invoice design tools to present these complex calculations to customers clearly. It should also provide your finance department with usage data presentation options, invoice adjustment capabilities, and corporate branding design tools. Additionally, 30-day payment terms for your invoices can improve business-client relations. Top subscription billing platforms need invoicing to manage your payments.


Dunning is another feature top subscription billing systems offer to manage your payments. With advanced dunning tools, you can mitigate the impact of failed payments. Subscription management platforms with this capability work to ensure that your customers always have a current credit card on file. For instance, some subscription billing systems will proactively ask a customer to update a card that is set to expire within a certain period of time. Alternatively, other billing platforms automatically follow up after a credit card charge is returned due to insufficient funds, account closures, or freezes. Dunning can help you maintain transactions and reduce the time spent assuaging failed payments. Dunning is a crucial tool to seek in top subscription billing platforms to optimize your payment management.

Insightful Analytics

In addition, top subscription management platforms also offer insightful analytics to help your business manage payments precisely and efficiently. With analytics, you can gain access to subscriber, plan, and revenue data to make informed financial decisions regarding your business’s budget. Moreover, you can also monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends with subscription management software. These metrics help you assess the overall financial health of your company by collecting data on your overall churn rate, net subscriber change data, and loan-to-value ratio. Subscription billing platforms can also calculate your average income per customer as well as your net billings. Insightful analytics are a key subscription payment feature to maintain customers and manage your company’s finances.

Diverse Payment Gateways

Moreover, top subscription management systems also provide your business with diverse payment gateways. Payment gateways connect with credit card companies, making it easy for your business to accept payments online. By processing your payments through one single gateway, you are setting your business up to reduce revenue from soft errors and lost customers. You need to give your customers as many options as possible for payment at checkout. Whether it’s credit, debit, online transfer applications, or other ecommerce services diverse payment gateways can help your subscription business maintain customers. If possible, try to offer your consumers at least four different options to pay for your services and products. Diverse payment gateways are an essential component of top subscription billing platforms.

Automated Price Management Tools

Furthermore, top subscription billing software offers automated price management tools to help your company handle recurring payments. You may want to offer special promotions on your products through discounts, coupons, or price breaks. Typically, this changes the prices of your products for a certain period of time. For example, your customers might get 20% off their subscription for six months. It can be difficult to track and manage these price adjustments manually. Additionally, if the discount is not removed on time, your business could lose money. Luckily, efficient management software utilizing automation to incorporate discounts and promotions into bills. You can also use coupon management software to offer deals. Automated price management tools are an imperative feature of top subscription billing platforms.

There are several features top subscription billing platforms offer to manage your payments. For example, advanced invoicing can comprehensively translate complex calculations for the customer’s billing records. In addition, dunning can help you mitigate the impact of failed card payment processes. Insightful analytics can help you monitor your revenue and subscribers to make informed financial decisions. Moreover, diverse payment gateways can help you increase your business’s income by maintaining more subscribers. Furthermore, automated price management tools streamline company promotions along customer payment lines. Consider the points mentioned above to learn about several advanced features top subscription billing platforms offer to manage your payments.

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