How To Use Subscription Payments Features To Retain Customers

Many businesses can benefit from implementing subscription payments. Subscription payments are recurring payment plans that are paid weekly, monthly, or yearly. Subscription payment programs have many additional features. As a financial manager, you should use these built in features to help manage your finances. Cost containment strategies should also be built-in financial management features. In this article, we will discuss how you can effectively use subscription payments features.

Variable Plans

You should use the subscription payment feature of variable plans to retain business. Variable plans can help retain business because they offer your customer more choices. Your customer can pick a payment schedule that works best for them. You should offer the weekly or monthly option to new customers. Recommend a yearly subscription to your older regular customers. You will be able to develop a loyal customer base using these strategies. You can also alter your strategy by offering discounts and differing prices based on the customer. Consider which discounts and plans will be the most profitable. Variable plans are a key feature of subscription payments.

Advanced Invoicing

Advanced invoicing is useful subscription payments feature. You can use advanced invoicing to customize your bills with personalized messages, credit options, and business notifications. This customization presents your customer with a better user experience. Providing an email service for small business success is also a good customer service idea. This will incentivize customers to pay more consistently. You can also apply automated customization features based on payment trends. You can have the payment software preemptively send bills or notifications if you notice a customer is tardy. Conversely, you can include thank you notes to consistent customers or give them credit on future bills. Advanced invoicing is a subscription payments feature you can use to retain customers.


Accounting is an underutilized subscription payments feature. Many business owners don’t realize that their payment software can track invoices and payments. You should use this feature to make your accounting easier. You can speed up your process by having the software export information to your accountant or accounting software. You can use the feature during tax season to apply the pertinent information to your forms immediately. Additionally, the accounting software can help you track your customers. You should use the accounting portion of your subscription payments program to make your daily operations more convenient.

Free Trials

Free trials are an excellent subscription payments feature for enticing new customers. These trials can be considered one of the many productivity tools when it comes to the productivity of an overall business and business expansion. Some customers aren’t willing to commit to your product immediately. Hook their interest by advertising the feature on your website. Payment programs will factor the free trial period before sending the bill for the next period of time. Free trials are fantastic for turning casual visitors into subscribers. Once you’ve enticed a customer, get them to commit to a subscription by offering promotions. You can also use free trials to attract customers that may have fallen away. Free trials are a feature that you should implement to add to your customer base.

Prediction And Analysis

Another feature of subscription payments is prediction and analysis. Subscription payments programs can analyze old information to predict future trends. You should use this feature to find when your business is suffering. You can preempt poor performance by tracking when a customer might cancel their subscription. Use these trends to plan for financial rough spots. Conversely, predictions are also useful for identifying future growth. Use projected growth spots to plan for potential expansion. This subscription payment feature is great for handling future finances.

Subscription payments features can be a financial manager’s best friend. Use free trials, variable plans, and advanced invoicing to maximize your profit. Then, use accounting and prediction and analysis features to track your business’ development. Take full advantage of subscription payment features to manage your finances.

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