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The internet is one of the most effective tools you can use to market your company. Marketing through social media in particular is critical. Research shows that over 80% of internet users spend a majority of their time on social media. Most social media platforms are simple enough to use. However, it may take a lot of valuable time to plan an efficient marketing campaign. This is where social media marketing companies come in. Their expertise will provide you with proven strategies that are meant to maximize your exposure on the internet. If you are a business owner looking to take full advantage of marketing on social media and receive social media tips, consider hiring one of these top social media marketing companies.

We Are Social

We Are Social is a relatively young but successful marketing company. They specialize in digital PR and social media marketing. The company has had high-profile clients such as ESPN, Intel, The Guardian and Adidas. Their marketing campaign with Heinz however, is probably one of their best known successes. They ran a “Grow Your Own” campaign that emphasized the tomato farmers that organically grew their products. Through Facebook, they sent out seeds and encouraged families to grow their own tomatoes as well. This proved successful because it reached out to a specific audience. The campaign aimed to quell the audience’s concerns about where their food was coming from. As their name would imply, We Are Social is especially adept at building customer relations. If you feel that this quality is important for your marketing needs, We Are Social should make for a great choice as a social media marketing company.


WebpageFX has consistently been one of the leaders in social media marketing. Their team of highly-experienced marketing specialists have developed dozens of proven methods for search engine optimization and link-building. They value customer dedication and professionalism above all which can be shown through customer research. So you can be certain that they will use every possible method at their disposal to convert your internet exposure into profits. WebpageFX will work to build your brand on social media through website conversion analysis, conversion-based design and content marketing. If the idea of an award-winning, performance-driven social media marketing company appeals to you, WebpageFX should meet your needs.

WDS Pros

Another excellent company to consider, especially if you operate a business in the NYC area, is WDS Pros. WDS Pros goes out of the way to get to know your business and your personal goals for the company. This company provides SEO, local buzz, website audit reports, brand optimization and social media optimization to make guarantee that your business’s web presence is reaching as many people as possible. In addition, WDS also offers pay per click, web design, online reputation management and much more. If you want comprehensive social media marketing services in the NYC area, consider WDS Pros.


Friendemic, like WebpageFX, is one of the leading social media marketing companies. They focus on reputation management. That means they work towards building your social media accounts as a whole, rather than working solely on accruing re-tweets. By strengthening your business’ presence on social media, they increase your chances of getting constant exposure. Your advertisements will have a steady stream of viewers even without the need for specialized marketing strategies or site optimization. Having a strong reputation online will allow you to take advantage of social media at any time. Consider choosing a brand-focused social media marketing company like Friendemic.


WebiMax comes with a very comprehensive list of features designed to cater to your exact needs, including local search marketing services. Webimax provides the services of a client center. You can access this feature to see where you are being mentioned on social media and what your SEO ranking is. Like Friendemic, it also provides reputation management tools for building your social media accounts. In addition, it allows for customizable plans that adjust the pricing of their services depending on the size of your company. The costs of hiring a social media marketing company are always going to be a primary concern. So, if flexibility on pricing and a full set of features are important business concerns, give WebiMax a good long look.

Social media marketing is an efficient way to build your company’s brand and spread information about your products, whether you are a new entity or are just relocating business. The tools available to you online are often free to use and easily accessible, but proper strategy is necessary to ensure that your efforts are not going to waste. Social media marketing companies specialize in maximizing your social media exposure. If you are interested in hiring the services of one but uncertain about which one will best fit your needs, consider the companies listed in this post.

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