Why It Is Important To Track Job Applicants?

More companies are hiring now than ever. There’s a desperate need to fill every position available, and many companies rush to grab candidates before there’s any clear picture on whether these candidates are the best fit. If you don’t want to race to the bottom and recruit new employees without any foresight, tracking job applicants is vital.

Gather All Applicants Information In One Space

The best use of any program that allows for you to track job applicants is to be able to gather all of your applicants in one space. If your company accepts applicants without this perk, you may come to realize that you’re incapable of keeping track, or you’ll have to one by one flip through every single applicant. Although this was a perfectly good system in the 1900s, business technology has taken us up and out of that struggle. This means you can also look at which applicants fit your criteria and eliminate those who don’t. Again, this is far simpler than the tedious work of sorting out job applications by hand.

Track What Different Openings An Applicant Applied To

Any well-made applicant tracking system will allow you to see if an applicant applied to more than one position within your company. This ensures that if they’re a great fit for your company, you can place them where they’re needed most, instead of hiring them for a position they could have done better than. Although some candidates will only apply to one listing and ignore the others: having it in one spot can allow you to view which applied for more. This may also let you know which positions are the hardest to hire for. These positions, if vital, should have a higher salary and more benefits to try and pull more applicants in so that you can get the perfect employee.

Go Back To It If A New-Hire Didn’t Work Out

Unfortunately, nearly a third of new hires won’t stay longer than the first ninety days. This means that if you lose that many and you desperately need the workforce, you could be at risk of losing all of the work and time you put into them. If you have an applicant tracking system, though, you still have access to those who applied, and you can still reach out and ask if they’re interested. So although it’s advised you put out a new job listing just in case, it’s good to have more to fall back on. This is also a good reason not to send out emails declining applicants. With this advanced functionality, you can focus on motivating your employees. Although it can feel rough not to give them a clear answer, if they applied within the last six months, you can still consider them a candidate.

Clarity On What Each Applicant Wants

Sometimes it can be hard to decide between two applicants when they seem incredibly similar. Fortunately, a good applicant tracking software can let you know what each applicant wants, from wages to hours, and allow you to decide what’s best for your company. Although it can feel impersonal to sort this way, it’s a great way to see what trends exist within applicants.

Customizable Functionality

Of course, ATS platforms offer you customizable, configurable, and personalizable functionality. These platforms are easy to use, which allows you to seamlessly insert your preferences and process desires. For example, you can set custom video interviewing schedules, pre-employment assessments, and passive candidate sourcing templates. With this functionality, you can maximize process efficiency, drive continuous productivity, and enhance your recruitment efficiency. Naturally, this will help you source the top talent and streamline your onboarding procedures. Certainly customizable functionality is a core reason to use advanced applicant tracking systems.

Streamline Job Posting

At the same time, using an applicant tracking platform allows you to streamline your job posting processes. The right ATS enables you to publish open positions to specialized job boards, social media websites, as well as your careers page. Of course, this will help you save time and gain key insights on your employment processes. Simultaneously, this functionality will help you discover which platforms work best for candidate sourcing. Saving time on job posting, you can focus on writing strong  career descriptions and interviewing the top talent. Surely, utilize an applicant tracking system to streamline job posting and optimize your hiring procedures.

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