5 Services Your Well Drilling Business Must Offer

How To Run An Eco-Friendly Water Well Drilling Business

The most profitable water well drilling businesses are environmentally friendly and customer focused. The greater well drilling industry service commercial and residential markets, including public infrastructure. The wide range of drilling services can span from drilling to construction and repairs. When starting a business, you should consider capitalizing on the continued demand over $5B in revenues. In this post, we’ll explain how you can run your water well drilling business profitably.

Identify Industry Opportunities

First, the most profitable water well drilling businesses offer services in high demand markets. Your overall service area can have a huge impact on the types of projects, services, and wells required. Speak with potential customers to discover the highest demanded well drilling services. You can focus on specific areas of service or machinery while the business is growing. Furthermore, your market may determine the amount of lending and financing available for drilling equipment. To find growing geographic areas, consider looking at the top recognized brands. You can increase your chances of success by replicating their target areas, or finding under served regions.

Purchase Drilling Equipment

To run a profitable well drilling business, machinery and equipment can cost upwards of $250,000. You will need to have a consistent inventory of machinery for well drilling projects. Often times, you will need hydraulic-powered drilling rigs that are portable on a trailer. These types of drilling equipment can dig up to 600 ft deep. Plus, you can purchase drilling machinery used or new. By purchasing second hand, you could save plenty of resources upfront. However, you should budget carefully for drilling rig maintenance and repairs. By purchasing more equipment at a cheap rate, you can run the business more profitably while offering reasonable prices.

Define Your Well Drilling Services

Next, define the services your eco-friendly water well drilling business will provide. Typically, these businesses offer proactive, solution-focused services wherever water is needed. You’ll be servicing clients who need sustainable, cost-friendly alternatives to installing and constructing expensive water wells. As you grow your business, you can start offering well pump, tank, inspection, repair, and cleaning services as well. Some companies even specialize in well chlorination and decommissioning. As far as scope of service, you may want to start with a heavy focus on domestic, irrigation, commercial, or municipal wells. You can even choose a unique specialty — like deep wells, jet systems, or expansion tanks. Definitely, outline your offered services when starting up a successful, eco-friendly water well drilling business.

Provide Free Estimates

To run the company, you should consider giving free estimates on your well drilling business. Estimates should include the services, quantity, price of each of the product or services. Offer free estimates to all residential, commercial and municipal prospective customers. With a clear estimate, you can personalize your service to provide a unique proposal. This way, you can meet customer demands with high satisfaction rates. With an approximate calculation of how much the project will cost, customers understand the service level, including water well drilling, inspections and installations. This can be achieved  through creative advertising. Plus, you can provide a break down of project costing before they proceed to the transaction. This sets you apart from competitors who charge fees on their estimates.

Build Your Reputation

Now, you are ready to build your eco-friendly water well business’s reputation. Demonstrate your pride in serving homeowners, local residents, and business owners. Share recent projects, project manager certifications  on your website, and social media to showcase your professionalism within the clean water industry. Also, encourage your employees to pursue professional certifications — like licensed well drillers or master pump installers. These accreditations prove your commitment to top standards and efficient service. To showcase your dedication to safety, highlight your policies and protocols for direct worksite supervision. Definitely, take time to carefully build the reputation of your sustainable water well business.

There’s a few steps to successfully start and run an eco-friendly water well drilling business. Start off by identifying valuable, profitable opportunities within the industry. Next, purchase reliable, quality well drilling equipment. From here, take time to outline the scope of service your business will provide. Then, start providing free estimates to customers in need of a reliable water supply. At this point, it is time to build up your reputation. This way, you can stand out against the competition. Follow the points above to learn about running an eco-friendly water well drilling business.

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