When To Hire A Statutory Agent For Your LLC

A registered agent, also called a statutory agent, can help business owners get things done in a timely, official manner, regardless of whether they work for a muffler shop or a tech startup. However, that is not all they can do. As with any other professional service, there are some cases where business owners require these registered agent services more so than others. Find out when you should hire a statutory agent for your business below.

You Keep Odd Hours

If your business is not open during traditional office hours, you could benefit from the services of a statutory agent. Registered agents are available during normal business hours to accept important documents from the state or local government. This is impossible for business owners who do not operate on a traditional schedule. If you or your business does not operate within traditional business hours, hire a registered agent.

You Own Out-Of-State Locations

If you own an out-of-state business, you will need to hire a statutory agent. This is also true if you own multiple business locations in a number of states. In these instances, statutory agents with a physical address located within each state your business is incorporated in are required by law. You do not want to risk non-compliance. Be sure to hire a statutory agent if you operate businesses in multiple states or a single out-of-state business. This is something they do not teach you within the business education system, but not knowing could cost you your business.

You Work From Home

If you work from home, or you just value your privacy, hiring a registered agent is a good idea. The address of a registered agent is public record. If you own a home business, this could put you at risk. Even if you do not, there is still a possibility that you may be served or receive otherwise incriminating or embarrassing communications from the government in front of clients and customers. This is definitely something you do not want to happen. If you want to maintain your privacy as much as possible, hiring a statutory agent will help you do just that.

Your State Requires It

Obviously, if your state requires registered agents for LLCs by law, you will need to hire one. You do not want to risk non-compliance. This could lead to the government shutting your business down, not to mention lawsuits and fines. You do not have to attend any online accounting courses to figure this out. Simply check the laws for the states you operate businesses in. If your business requires a statutory agent by law, be sure to comply.

You Want To Save Time

If you just want to save time for yourself, this is another instance in which enlisting statutory agent services would be beneficial. Statutory agents can save you time spent on tedious paperwork and filings. They will be responsible for keeping track of legislation changes, franchise tax notices, annual reports and similar tasks. This frees you up to manage other more impactful areas of business, like marketing, sales and operations management. If you want to save yourself time, consider employing a registered agent.

Hiring a registered agent is a must for some businesses. Other businesses, however, may be wondering whether or not it is necessary for them to hire a statutory agent. Consider the cases above. If you identify with any of these above situations, you should probably enlist the services of a statutory agent. Otherwise, you may be risking non-compliance, or, at the very least, wasting a whole lot of time on state paperwork.

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