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How An Employee Handbook For Restaurant Manages Policies

Employee handbooks are used worldwide to get new hires on the same page as their management. Topics typically covered in effective employee handbooks, such as training and staff retention, were cited by restaurant owners as 2019’s biggest challenges. As a human resources professional, you may be searching for solutions to these challenges. Strong communication between management and staff is one ... Read More »

Education Or Work: What To Choose?

By the end of school, all the graduates-to-be start looking for possibilities for their future. While the majority of parents will insist on going to a college or university, some kids insist that they should start their careers. After all, there are so many successful people among those who have hardly graduated from high school. So, which way to choose? ... Read More »

5 Best Employment Screening Background Checks For Small Business

Employment screening background checks are an integral part of the hiring process for many small businesses. In fact, 85% of employers find misrepresentations on resumes and applications via background checks. Another 77% of employers claim that background checks caught issues that otherwise would have stayed hidden. As an HR professional, you should be considering the pros and cons of hiring ... Read More »

5 Most Common Pre-Employment Tests To Administer

Common pre-employment tests are administered by many businesses as part of their ongoing hiring processes. They are used to ensure that applicants are held to a higher standard than the average candidate. However, there are many types of pre-employment tests available to employers. Each test highlights a different aspect of a candidate’s abilities. As an HR professional, you should understand ... Read More »

5 Top Niche Recruiting Strategies That Work For Savvy Companies

There are many top niche recruiting strategies that work for savvy companies. By narrowing your industry scope, you can specialize the types of clients you accept. Simultaneously, you also reduce your resume pool. Of course, this is because you now only focus on qualified candidates passionate about your chosen industry. As a recruitment professional, you need to know the most ... Read More »

5 Popular Personality Tests For Employers To Find The Right Talent

Many employers are using personality tests to find the right talent for their business. Of course, personality tests are just one aspect of evaluation and should never be relied upon for a hiring decision. Integrating personality tests into the hiring process can be part of the process to find candidates who fit within your established corporate culture. Plus, you can ... Read More »

A Guide To Effective Employee Advocacy Social Media Programs

In the past few years, employee advocacy has been a top trending phrase in management and marketing departments. Despite its increasing popularity, many managers have not yet truly activated and employee advocacy program on social media platforms. In general, employee advocacy entails staff members promoting your organization to generate brand awareness, build employee ownership, and recommend company products through digital ... Read More »

5 Ways A Recruiter For Remote Jobs Can Optimize Your Candidacy Search

There are several advanced ways a recruiter for remote jobs can optimize your candidacy search. The coronavirus is taking a toll on employment, with many industries and small businesses being forced to downsize. As managers and employers get on the road to recovery, remote recruiting can be an essential strategy to hire staff safely and efficiently. As an HR professional, ... Read More »

What Can You Do With A Bachelor’s Degree In Writing?

There are several career paths you can consider if you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree in writing. Many writers are often scrutinized for completing a major with no clear job trajectory. However, as an undergraduate student seeking a job in the field, you should use this to your advantage. Although a degree does not seal the deal on any job, ... Read More »

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