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From The Classroom To The Corporate: Teaching EFL

When you started out as an EFL teacher you probably had an idea in your mind of what you were going to do with your qualification. You might have specifically selected a location you’d like to teach in, a country where you could learn the language you wanted to, maybe chose between teaching adults and children. The finer details get ... Read More »

5 Best Entertaining Company Holiday Party Ideas On A Budget

There are many great entertaining company holiday party ideas, even on tight budgets. Company holiday parties often unite office cultures and allow light representations of ideal cultures. Additionally, they provide opportunities for recognition and employees to interact with upper executives. As a business manager, boost your team’s morale with a high-quality company holiday party in an affordable manner. Read on ... Read More »

5 Top Employee Culture Survey Questions That Get The Truth

There are many insightful employee culture survey questions that provide quality feedback. Culture surveys help managers solve critical company problems, enhance their workplaces, and identify employee strengths. The questions being asked, how they’re being asked, and the available response options often have a significant impact on survey results. As a business manager, ask direct, neutrally-worded questions about things you can ... Read More »

How To Implement An Employee Point Based Reward System

There are several steps to implementing an employee point based reward system. Many studies have displayed a direct correlation between employee recognition and engagement. In fact, Gallup states that low employee engagement costs American businesses up to $370 billion annually. Alternatively, high employee engagement levels significantly increase absenteeism and turnover. As a business manager, point based recognition programs increase productivity ... Read More »

How To Write A Sample Agenda For Board Meeting

There are several steps to writing a sample agenda for a board meeting. Effective board meetings are imperative for many organizations, since they allow employees to make important determinations and set actionable next steps. Solid agendas are needed to determine the tone of the meeting and engage its participants. As a business owner preparing a board meeting, do some simple ... Read More »

Video Conferencing: 5 Ways To Boost Remote Workforce Productivity

The work-from-home concept may not be new but the pandemic has certainly made it mainstream. Now, in the US alone, there are almost twice as many employees working remotely than at work, according to Stanford research. As we are gradually transitioning from gig to working-from-home economy, technology — and, namely, video conferencing — can become our ally. Video conferencing is ... Read More »

5 Leadership Training Seminars Activities for Professional Development

There are many leadership training seminar activities for professional development. These activities evaluate employee’s leadership potential and highlight the skill sets necessary for leadership roles. Additionally, training seminars and leadership workshops open these skills to improvement, maximizing employee leadership potential. As an HR manager, run some leadership activities to increase the value of your employees and their management potential. Read ... Read More »

5 Best Employee Anniversary Gift Ideas For Every Milestone

Using a gift to recognize an employee milestone is an effective way to boost morale and worker appreciation. Companies that acknowledge the time and effort a worker gives to a business are more likely to keep that employee. Beyond this, seeing coworkers’ efforts acknowledged by management inspires other employees to put forward their own efforts. Managers wishing to celebrate employee ... Read More »

How To Handle Employees Who Can’t Adapt To Changes

Not all employees are adaptable. Some of them might complain if there are unexpected changes. It’s quite common among older employees. When they have got used to the same system, it’s a tall order to ask them to change. Some of them are waiting to retire, and dealing with changes late in life is a significant obstacle. However, since changes ... Read More »

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