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Top Ticketing Software To Track Business Event Purchases

Ticketing software, also known as attendee tracking system, is a type of computer program that is designed to help venues keep distribute, organized and keep track of event tickets. If your business hosts ticketed events or if you work with an event venue, it is important that you utilize some type of ticketing software to help manage ticket purchases. There ... Read More »

Top 6 Benefits Of Business Intelligence Software To Increase Profits

Business Intelligence is used to describe any type of software technology that is used to extract data from a range of sources to help businesses make better decisions. Many business owners have turned to this unique type of software to help them create more detailed reports as well as develop and analyze up-to-date information. If you are a business owner, ... Read More »

Best Knowledge Base Software For Your Small Business

A knowledge base is a centralized repository of information. Specifically with Information Technology, a repository is a database that is used for the sharing, storing and organization of data, objectives and other information. Today, there are several different types of knowledge base software available. However, business owners should consider this type of information storage as an investment because business performance ... Read More »

Protecting Your Employees From Malware: 5 Simple Security Tips

There’s an old business adage that goes like this: your employees can be your greatest asset but also your biggest risk. While this has always been true in the area of sales, business automation and customer service, it’s now highly applicable to cybersecurity as well. The best security program in the world can’t protect your business from malware if your ... Read More »

Grow Your SaaS Business By Optimizing Churn Rates

What can be considered an acceptable B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) churn rate? There are many reasons why customers sign up for a SaaS solution. For your software solution to retain as many customers as possible, it must be aligned with their value proposition. If it is not meeting their business objectives, they are simply going to unsubscribe and ... Read More »

Closing A Business Guide To Protect Your Yourself Legally And Financially

Closing a business can be hard for many reasons. Whether it is a financial, personal or legally-driven decision, the process involved can be both emotional and confusing. Paying off debts with bill consolidation, notifying the government and even sorting out your taxes can be tricky, especially for small business owners without access to professional advice. If you are a small ... Read More »

5 Ways Technology Is Transforming The Service Industry

In the service industry, many businesses now use digital channels, data analysis tools and applications to serve today’s ever-connected customers. Learning to use the latest digital tools to reach the modern customer, that moves around with a mobile device, is now critical for the success of most service businesses. Here is a brief discussion on how professional service firms are ... Read More »

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