How Re-Targeting Works To Improve Conversion Rates And Awareness


Web analytics show that only 2% of shoppers make a purchase on their first visit to an e-commerce website. The other 98% window shop and rarely come back to buy. This is where re-targeting comes in. Re-targeting is an online marketing practice, developed and employed by masterminds, that involves embedding cookies in people’s browsers. This practice records which products browsers viewed and displays them in ads on other websites. This has shown to be an effective marketing tool. Most cases show a conversion rate near 20%. If you are interested in incorporating this tactic into your online business, allow this post to assist you. Here is a guide to re-targeting.

How Does It Work?

Re-targeting is very simple. It works by placing a Javascript tag at the end of your website. When a shopper visits your store, the re-targeting Javascript automatically embeds cookies into their browser. As they visit other pages, ads will display products they were looking at on your site, like those delicious gelato flavors your business sells. Re-targeting companies usually work in conjunction with some of the largest names in ad exchange. As a result, they are able to display their ads almost anywhere on the web. This is simplified look at how re-targeting works.

Why Is It Effective?

The main reason re-targeting works is obvious: it reminds shoppers of what they were looking at. Customers may be interested in a product when they are on your website. However, they are often hesitant to pull the trigger. As they move on to different websites, they tend to forget about the product entirely. Re-targeting serves as a constant reminder. It works differently from other Whatsapp marketing ads because it is familiar. You can also design the ads to be more appealing or larger in size. Re-targeting has a much larger click-rate than traditional ads. It is 200%-400% more effective. The repetitious nature and superior design of re-targeting are reasons why it works so well.

When Should I Use Retargeting?

The best times to use retargeting are when you have a specific goal. Further, there are particular goals that lend themselves to this process. Awareness campaigns and conversion goals are two such instances. If you want people to click your ad and fill out a survey or contact submission form, retargeting will be extremely helpful. If you want to re-engage page visitors and let them know about particular promotions, products or news, retargeting is useful in this situation. If you have goals that align with awareness campaigns and conversion goals, re-targeting will certainly help.

How Do I Implement It?

Re-targeting is a service offered by numerous companies online. AdRoll is one of the most popular options. Along with re-targeting, they provide marketing tools that help drive customers to your website. They also focus on CRM re-targeting and SendRolls, which send triggered emails to users based on their browsing behavior. Another popular option is Perfect Audience. This company provides web re-targeting, as well as Facebook ads and mobile re-targeting. Your options for obtaining re-targeting services are plentiful. Compare their features and decide which re-targeting company is best for your business.

What Are The Best Ways To Utilize It?

Re-targeting is an improvement over existing methods of social media marketing. However, there are ways to maximize its effectiveness even further. One of the best strategies? Categorize your shoppers based on their interests. If they are mostly interested in shoes, you need to make sure they get shoe-specific ads. Similarly, a women’s clothing shopper would get women’s clothing ads. Targeted ads are more effective at re-targeting than general ads. If you decide to incorporate re-targeting into your marketing strategy, be sure to use optimal strategies.

Business owners with concerns about conversion rates should greatly consider re-targeting. It is an incredibly easy tactic that requires very little effort. This practice is effective because it advertises your products all over the web to users who have already shown interest. There are some simple social media tips you can follow. You can design your ads to be more appealing than traditional ads. You can even connect your ads with social media platforms like Facebook. Gain a better understanding of re-targeting through this post. You may soon consider incorporating re-targeting into your marketing strategy.

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