Delicious Gelato Flavors Make It Easy For Franchisees To Turn A Profit

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Gelato is a healthier option than ice cream. It is just as good as your regular ice cream tub of happiness. Except, it contains a lot less fat and a smoother, creamier taste. If you like gelato, you might as well get yourself a spade (because nobody eats gelato with a spoon) because we are about to get into the gelato franchise business.

Many times, business owners such as Lloyd Claycomb enter a business just to turn a profit. With the obesity epidemic striking the nation, people looking for healthier options to indulge in. In this case, investing in a gelato franchise business would be helping solve a major health concern in the United States.

Buying A Gelato Franchise

Gelato franchises are a pretty recent health alternative. The origins of gelato trace back to Bernardo Buontalenti who wanted to impress the noble Medici family with his innovative creamy, frozen dessert at the end of an elaborate feast. He actually became the first one to make what we presently know as Gelato. But, it was not until 1770 that US had its first encounter with the delicacy. In 1967, Luciano Rabboni commercialized the first semi-finished gelato product in America. Today, the gelato franchise business presents tremendous opportunity.

The gelato franchise business is attractive for many reasons. Since the dessert is relatively new compared to frozen yogurt or ice cream options, there are less franchises around selling gelato. This gives you the advantage of being a first mover in a changing market. Furthermore, if business is going well, you will have the benefit of opening up more locations with the same franchise company to increase your profits.

Gelato Franchises Simplify Things

Starting a gelato franchise is easier than starting your own gelato business. Instead of learning everything on your own, a gelato franchise will help you overcome many obstacles. For example, franchise companies will provide sourcing to prepared gelato so you do not have to produce it all yourself. They can also provide important unified communications and collaboration infrastructure too. Contrary to your initial reaction, gelato franchises do put a strong emphasis on sourcing organic and fresh products for their locations. Secondly, they will provide training on serving gelato and ensuring customer satisfaction. And lastly, but certainly not least, they will provide proven marketing tactics and brand recognition to attract more customers.

Gelato Is Trending

Eating healthy has become quite the fad, and gelato franchisees are more than happy to capitalize on it. Gelato is a healthier alternative to ice cream. It is also an incredibly creamy, sweet and flavorful treat. That is why gelato franchises are becoming more and more popular. More people are wanting a taste of Italy that is available right around the corner. If you are considering opening a franchise, the ever-growing popularity of gelato flavors is something to keep in mind when considering your options. These franchises make it much easier to succeed than if you had to create your own food truck business plan.


FrostGelato is among the top rated gelato servers in the country. Almost anyone would be happy to join with their training program and local support. They ensure complete management of your venture and provide for your technical and managerial expertise. With a little over $42,000, you can license a brand that serves at more than 600 locations througout the United States.


Paciugo is another gelato franchise that prides themselves on serving authentic gelato. They love serving roasted coffee like the Starbucks franchise. And, they love the art of making traditional gelato. Paciugo has been creating the authentic taste and feel of gelato for over a decade. They also offer substantial support, including marketing strategies, communications training and financial management to ensure your success.


Amorino is another gelato franchise that sells some of the best gelato in America. The company is relatively new to the franchise business, which means less competition if you decide to buy in. However, they still offer the tools you need to learn how to build a business that succeeds. Lots of franchises offer a ton of gelato flavors, but only one of them artfully arranges your sweet treat to resemble a rose. If are interested in more upscale franchise opportunities, Amorino is the perfect solution. Amorino has a ton of delicious authentic gelato flavors for kids and adults, alike while still being a bit more refined. Consider an Amorino franchise if you want your customers to feel like they are in Italy without ever getting on an airplane.

Undoubtedly, there are other gelato franchise companies who provide a business model that works. For you, it is most important to decide if this is a business that you can really be passionate about. Do you love gelato? Do you want to provide a healthy alternative to ice cream? Do you want to be part of something new and growing? These are the questions you must ask yourself when you are going to buy a business. Hopefully, if you are saying yes to all of these questions, you have a good idea about perhaps opening a gelato franchise.

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