Where To Look When Hiring Developers For Your Startup

In the digital era, nearly every company is a tech company to some degree. It is thus likely that, at some point, your startup will need to add a programmer to your team. Attracting the right talent will make a huge difference for your business. It is essential to find a developer with both industry experience and the necessary programming skills. Hiring managers are tasked with sourcing the best candidates for this position. If you are a non-technical person, however, the prospect of hiring a developer may be daunting. When you do not know where to look, this stress is compounded. Luckily, there are several trusted channels for finding the best developers. Here’s where to look when hiring developers for your startup.

Industry Associates

When searching for a developer, it is useful to start with industry associates. Personal advocacy and word of mouth are excellent promotional tools. Look to relatives, friends, or colleagues who have employed developers for their own endeavors. This may include developing an app or deploying a business analytics solution. Ask them to introduce you to the development professionals they have used in the past. This is a great way to source developers through a trusted channel. Keep in mind the fact that technology differs greatly depending on the platform. Focus on associates with a similar platform or business model to your own. When sourcing developers for your startups, look to industry associates for help.

Freelance Portals

Another useful channel for hiring developers is a freelance portal. These web-based portals are one of the most popular places to source tech talent. You can browse through thousands of professionals specializing in different protects. If you have specific tasks to complete, there are many project management freelancers. These freelanced professionals can help you ensure the adequate completion of the projects at hand. This is particularly useful if you need a development professional for a short-term project. Use this channel if you need someone to work on a singular task. Startups often do not have the budget to employ a full development team. These freelance portals connect you with hourly workers who deal with projects on an individual basis. This is a relatively inexpensive option for startups that need small fixes. Use a freelance portal to source developers for your startup.

Tech Conferences

You can also attend tech conferences to find developers for your startup. This is useful if you have a large tech endeavor that will benefit from a full development team. If there is a technology you need for a project, there will be a relevant conference for it. Attend these conferences to source development talent for your project. You can even sign up to be a speaker and pitch your startup at one of these events. This is a great way to bring the best developers to you and not the other way around. A tech conference will connect your startup teams with like-minded individuals. This makes them an ideal place to source development talent for your company

Online Developer Communities

An online developer community is another useful place for hiring programmers. These online repositories are a great place to connect with the latest tech talent. Software developers frequently upload samples of their work to these platforms. This provides hiring managers with valuable insight into their coding skills. An online community is also an ideal place to appeal to individual interests. Many developers are looking for a chance to work on something that is meaningful to them. Through this channel, you can connect with a programmer who shares the interests of your company. Your startup may offer them recognition and freedom that is not available to them through established enterprises. Use online development communities to find developers passionate about your startup.


Hackathons are another place to go when hiring developers. These events provide you with the unique opportunity to see your candidates in action. Developers attend hackathons to come together with their peers and build prototypes. They are also one of the most popular forums for recruitment. These large meetups often host thousands of attendees. Hiring managers are thus able to engage with many prospective candidates at these events. Attending a hackathon is an effective way to build relationships with the industry’s top talent. Additionally, the best ideas at these events often come from people who would not have been shortlisted through traditional hiring channels. They are thus an effective way to find the best up-and-coming new hires for your startup.

There are several effective channels to find developers for hire for your startup. First, turn to industry associates to connect with the developers they already trust. Use a freelance portal to find someone to work on your short-term projects. Present your startup company at a tech conference to draw developers to you. You can also seek talent through online development communities. Lastly, attend a hackathon to see the latest tech talent in action. Use this post to learn where to look when hiring developers for your startup.

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