5 Best Project Management For Freelancers Software Features

Project management for freelancers is key to success. When freelancers like yourself do not properly manage their time, they do not produce quality work for their clients. As a result, they fail to retain clients. Many also establish poor reputations for themselves. Fortunately, you can avoid upsetting clients with late work. While some freelancers take project management courses and succeed, you do not need to spend time attending classes. All you need is a top-notch software system specifically designed for your freelancing needs. In this post, you will find the best project management for freelancers software features.

All-In-One Dashboards

One of the top project management for freelancers software features to look for is an all-in-one dashboard. Management struggles escalate when you cannot view all of your tasks in one place. For this reason, numerous software systems offer freelancers dashboards that portray all of their duties on the same screen. You can view your proposals, current projects, invoices and time tracking on one dashboard. With this feature, you can easily determine what needs to get done first. Thus, this is a great project management for freelancers tool.

Priority Sorting

Freelancers in industries ranging from graphic design to writing use priority sorting tools to manage their projects. With this project management for freelancers software feature, you can complete tasks in the correct order. When you receive a task and plug it into your software system, give it a deadline and rate it based on importance. Your software system will alert you when the deadline is approaching, putting the most important tasks first. You will never question what needs to get done next with this freelance project management software feature.

Expense Tracking

Since freelancers struggle with tracking how much their clients owe them, investing in software that tracks it for you is a great idea. The top project management for freelancers software systems convert time spent on client projects into money owed. Furthermore, they automatically put the amounts into each client’s invoice. You no longer have to spend time tracking, calculating and inputting. However, professionals do recommend taking a financial management course when conducting business on your own. That way, you can double check your software system’s calculations and guarantee accurate payments. Purchase a project management for freelancers software system that does it for you.

Color Coding

Consider finding a project management for freelancers software system that allows you to color code as well. With color coding, you can keep your clients separate from one another. Designate one color to each client. Then, you will be able to immediately know which document is for which project. If you have more clients than color options, you can get creative with your coding. Code based on priority or by project type. Regardless of how you color code your project files, you will improve your organizational skills with this freelance management tool.

Business Reporting

Additionally, look for a project management for freelancers software solution that offers business reporting. Such systems provide freelancers with various metrics including profit and hours spent on projects. Many managers who monitor freelance workers favor these reports because they provide them with insight into productivity levels. Some software systems also have business reporting features that extend beyond self-reports. You can also automate reports for clients on these software solutions. These reports keep you on track with your work for clients and keep them informed. All you have to do is send them the reports. Improve your productivity and your client communication skills with this feature.

In order to succeed as a freelancer, you need to utilize the best project management tools. One of these tools is an all-in-one dashboard that allows you to view all of your tasks on one screen. Systems with priority sorting features assist freelancers in completing tasks by their deadlines. Save time with systems that offer expense tracking features. Color coding enhances freelancers’ organization skills. Finally, freelancers use business reporting for self-improvement and to keep their clients up-to-date on their projects. Find a software system with these best project management for freelancers features to provide optimal services.

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