How To Make Your Hiring Process Faster To Acquire Talent

Every company needs a fast, efficient and reliable process for hiring new talent. With a robust hiring process, companies establish a better connection with potential candidates. Meanwhile, the process can deter bad candidates from joining the company. In today’s competitive job market, HR managers need to continue to expedite processes in order to stay ahead. In fact, most candidates now expect completely seamless hiring and onboarding experience. Read on to learn how to make your hiring process faster and more efficient.

Create A Promotional Job Advertisement

To speed up the hiring process, write job descriptions that talented people will aspire to. These helps your listing stand out on job posting boards. You may need a strong sense of the company’s values and mission to write the description. Oftentimes, applicants will apply to a company that resonates with their own beliefs and dreams. Promote your company’s unique views and selling position within the description. Outline the responsibilities and how their role ties into the bigger picture. Additionally, you should list job benefits, perks, and bonuses that are available. A well-defined job description brings in qualified applicants who are likely to fit the culture of your company. When accelerating your hiring process, start with a promotional job description to stand out from the crowd.

Build A Talent Pipeline

Next, make your hiring process much faster by building a talent pipeline. Instead of screening endless resumes, spend time with recruiters and industry professionals. Through networking and relationship building, you can create a pipeline of qualified candidates. Further, you can build relationships via social media, industry associations, and alumni networks. Your recruitment team can continue to add new candidates to your pipeline, even if they are not actively looking for a job. By recruiting active and passive candidates, you can build a significant pipeline of qualified talent. Then, you keep in touch with them when a new role or position opens up.

Filter Resumes More Aggressively

To save time for your HR department, screen resumes more aggressively. Set clear limits and goals for the number of candidates you can realistically interview. Filter business resumes based on work experience, history, and qualifications. Ideally, you should limit yourself to 2-3 minutes for each resume. Then, only reach out to the resumes that meet your top criteria. If you don’t have enough resumes, then you might need to revisit your job description or job board platform. This way, you only interview candidates that definitively meet your standards and criteria. By saving time on interviewing, you can dramatically increase your hiring process speed.

Automate Applicant Tracking With HR Software

Furthermore, implement HR software technologies and solutions to accelerate the hiring process. You can reduce the amount of time used for tracking applicants with a simple software program. These online application tracking systems, or ATS software programs, automate the tracking process. From one dashboard, you can send emails, request documents, and change hiring stages. With an automated system, you can quickly track the progress of applicants and follow up to move them through the process. Like most HR departments, automated processes offer more time for valuable interactions and recruitment activities. Consider adding an ATS system to make your HR process faster.

Move To Virtual Interviews

Virtual job interviews via phone or video make the hiring process much faster. You can virtually meet candidates without spending in the office. Oftentimes, phone calls or video chats are much faster logistically. Meanwhile, you can still get a strong sense of the candidate’s conversation, contribution, or expression. Of course, a quick phone call can filter out company values, personality, and expectations. Plus, a video call offers insight into social cues, facial expressions, and enthusiasm. Then, you can meet the candidate in person for a formal interview if you would like. Virtual interviews are a highly effective way to speed up the hiring process and increase volume.

Follow these steps to make your hiring process faster and speedier. Start at the beginning with a promotional job advertisement, making your company stand out from the crowd. Then, build a talent pipeline through relationships and networking to find qualified candidates. Filter candidates more aggressively to save time from doing unnecessary interviews. Automate your application tracking with HR software to accelerate backend tasks. For multi-step processes, move to virtual interviews via phone or video. Using these tactics, you can speed up the hiring process and acquire better talent with your recruitment team.

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