How To Get More Electrical Leads For Your Contracting Company

Locating electrical leads for a business can be difficult, and, oftentimes, digital signage can be ineffective. The construction market is fiercely competitive because many companies are scrambling to find jobs to bid on, especially for electrical work. This is why finding your own electrical leads is so important. If you hope to grow your business, you will need to follow these five tips below.

Network In Your Industry

Networking is the key to all business success. By putting yourself out there, you are also helping to spread the word about your company for free. Introducing yourself to new people in the industry is a great way to stay in the loop about potential jobs. Taking on meet-and-greet opportunities can also help you to locate potential customers directly. Keep an eye out for new handyman businesses or homes being established in your area – they just may need someone for electrical work.

Follow Up With Customers

Another great tip for generating more electrical leads is to follow up with old customers. You may think that the job is done, but your customers may have something else in mind. As long as you have provided them with a quality service, you should find that they are more than willing to bring you back for a second or even third job. Renovations, new locations and other common electrical issues could all bring them back to you. Make sure that you stay in contact so that they know who to call when they need more work done.

Establish A Referral Plan

To go beyond your current customers, consider setting up a referral plan. This will encourage people that you have worked with to recommend you to others. For example, a crane rental company could refer consistent business to you. Whether you offer them discounted electrical work, a small rebate or even just ask them to share their experience with an online review, this could bring a lot of traffic to your door. Use the top B2B referral program best practices to drive leads.

Expand Your Services

If you are having a lot of trouble finding viable work, it may be time for a change. Consider expanding your services. When you have the ability to offer something unique or innovative, you will be much more likely to find specialized customers seeking your help. Do some research into alternative energy sources or additional construction work. When possible send a professional service proposal template for their needs. The more you have to offer, the more chances you will have to attract new customers.

Join A Leads Website

Finally, if you are having trouble finding electrical leads for your business, consider joining a bid or lead website. Many electricians take this step when learning how to generate leads. There are dozens of construction sites like Craft Jack and The Blue Book that have a variety of tools for electricians to choose from. There, you can post your services and view job requests from individuals and businesses. For an easy, one step way to find leads, these types of websites are the best option.


CraftJack, as mentioned above, is one such website that helps provide electrical leads for contractors. The website’s leads are all phone-verified and screened for quality. You will never have to worry about hitting a dead end, unlike similar websites for the service industry. In addition, the website only makes leads available to you that come from serious homeowners in your area. This takes away the frustration of finding a lead to only later learn that it is not a feasible option for your business due to geographic location. Consider CraftJack if you need to find electrical leads in your area.

Implement Local SEO Tactics

Furthermore, a great way to get more electrical leads for your contracting company is to implement local SEO tactics. The top electricians in your area likely use such techniques to out-rank you on popular search engines’ results pages. If you want to turn the tables, you need to use the same tactics, but implement them better. Conduct market research and analyze your competition to ensure that you use the best keywords and optimize your site accordingly. Then, you can gain more leads and sign more electrical work contracts.

Locating electrical leads for your construction business can be tough, especially if you do not live in an area with many serviced offices. However, it can be done if you follow the advice above. By staying connected to your old customers, expanding your services and possibly even joining a bid website, you can draw in new leads in no time. Try out these tips and see how they work for you.

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