What Are Your Rights If You Get Injured At Work?

An injury sustained at work can affect every facet of your existence. The financial implications and physical discomfort are daily reminders of the injury you’ve endured. By taking a stand for your legal entitlements and receiving rightful compensation, you can lighten these hardships and aid your recovery to be as complete and swift as possible. If you’re wondering what your rights are after being injured at work, here is some critical information you need to be aware of.

Right to Different Types of Compensation

Workers’ compensation necessitates that employers carry insurance to cover instances where employees are hurt at work, but it prevents these employees from pursuing personal injury lawsuits against their employers in the civil court system. However, if there’s an entity other than your employer or fellow employees who holds responsibility for the incident causing your injuries, it’s possible to file a third-party liability claim against them to boost your compensation amount.

Right to Healthcare Services

In the event of a work injury, you have the right to seek medical attention. Your employer doesn’t have the authority to compel you to continue working if you’re injured. They also cannot inhibit you from consulting a doctor.

Your employer may have the capacity to guide you towards certain medical facilities for treatment. If you’re filing a workers’ compensation claim, the necessity to consult an approved doctor is contingent on your state’s legislation. That said, even in states where employers have the prerogative to specify care providers for work-related injuries, employees retain the right to pursue emergency services at a hospital when needed.

Right to Calculate Your Losses Independently

Irrespective of the nature of your claim(s), it’s within your rights to personally assess your losses. This implies that you’re not compelled to conform to the payout amount the insurance company is ready to offer.

If you feel shortchanged in terms of benefits due to you, or if the insurance company’s settlement doesn’t seem just, you are fully entitled to continue advocating for the accurate amount owed to you. You can seek the services of a foot and ankle injury lawyer to help you accurately calculate your losses and assist you in pursuing a fair settlement. They can also provide legal representation in case of any disputes or complications with the insurance company.

Right to Keep Your Job

Although there isn’t a legal guarantee for any specific job role, the law prohibits an employer from dismissing an employee due to business accidents. Job loss equates to a setback. In the current economic environment, holding onto your job whenever feasible is of utmost importance. Workers’ compensation isn’t about securing indefinite free funds; it’s designed to aid your return to work and assist you in receiving the requisite compensation for your injuries.

Right to file an Injury Claim Without the Threat of Backlash

Certain employers might attempt to persuade you against filing a workers’ compensation claim, possibly issuing threats of retaliation if you don’t align with their “company man” ethos. However, no matter the threats, it’s crucial to remember that the law protects your entitlement to lodge a workers’ compensation claim without experiencing harassment or retaliation.

Right to Disability Benefits in the Event of an Inability to Work

Should your work-related injury result in permanent implications that hinder you from performing your former job, it is the responsibility of your employer to provide disability compensation. This payment ought to cover all economic losses incurred as a result of the injury and provide additional compensation if the injury has adversely impacted your standard of living.

Should you believe that the conditions of your workplace injury could potentially allow for a workers’ compensation claim or other legal recourse, consulting with a lawyer about your situation and possible courses of action may be beneficial.

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