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5 Roles Your Executive Leadership Team Structure Supports

There are several roles your executive leadership team structure supports. By properly understanding today’s leadership styles, you can organize a functional, productive team. Simultaneously, this allows you to establish a stable, profitable succession plan for your company. Properly structuring your team, you can create successful strategic plans, overcome unexpected hurdles, and develop new capabilities. As a small business owner, you ... Read More »

How To Design The Best Leadership Training Seminars

The best leadership training seminars can be designed in several steps. In fact, these seminars create effective leaders that set goals, inspire fellow employees, and drive growth for organizations. Additionally, leadership seminars enable their participants to strengthen a culture of engagement within the workplace. This way, all team members become more confident in their skills and enthusiastic to contribute. As ... Read More »

7 Signs You Are In A Toxic Work Environment

The average person spends 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime. So, understandably, it’s important that we enjoy the environment we are working in. We all have our rights, and if you don’t feel comfortable, it may be time for you to leave. Below we are going to discuss six signs that you are in a toxic workplace. Let’s get ... Read More »

5 Time Management Tactics For Entrepreneurial Success

There are several time management tactics crucial to entrepreneurial success. In fact, many entrepreneurs use time management tactics to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability while reducing stress. This way, they often find success by driving the profitable growth of their businesses. As an entrepreneur, implement these tactics to reduce your mental workload and achieve profitability and productivity goals, leading to ... Read More »

MH – 5 Creative Client Thank You Gifts For Companies On A Budget

Many companies send creative, inexpensive client thank you gifts while on a budget. Client gifts typically lead to increased customer retention, which enables the business to keep old customers while gaining new customers. In fact, thoughtful thank you gifts can turn certain clients into brand-loyal customers for years to come. As a small business manager, give gifts to your most ... Read More »

5 Company Team Building Activities That Strengthen Communication

Many great company team building activities strengthen communication within the workplace. These activities enable employees to learn more about their co-workers’ personalities, desires, and motivations. Additionally, staff members learn more of each others’ strengths and weaknesses. As a workplace manager, strengthening communication facilitates team collaboration and motivated workplaces, as well as enhances productivity. In this post, we will discuss a ... Read More »

5 Interesting Gifts To Send To Office Employees For Morale Boosts

Clever, interesting gifts often to send to office employees can boost morale throughout the company. These gifts, even inexpensive ones, demonstrate a business’s value of its employees’ work. Additionally, they often enhance employee productivity, drive greater collaboration, and contribute to stronger team building. As an office manager, you should foster loyalty and connection with employees by giving them clever, useful ... Read More »

From The Classroom To The Corporate: Teaching EFL

When you started out as an EFL teacher you probably had an idea in your mind of what you were going to do with your qualification. You might have specifically selected a location you’d like to teach in, a country where you could learn the language you wanted to, maybe chose between teaching adults and children. The finer details get ... Read More »

5 Best Entertaining Company Holiday Party Ideas On A Budget

There are many great entertaining company holiday party ideas, even on tight budgets. Company holiday parties often unite office cultures and allow light representations of ideal cultures. Additionally, they provide opportunities for recognition and employees to interact with upper executives. As a business manager, boost your team’s morale with a high-quality company holiday party in an affordable manner. Read on ... Read More »

5 Top Employee Culture Survey Questions That Get The Truth

There are many insightful employee culture survey questions that provide quality feedback. Culture surveys help managers solve critical company problems, enhance their workplaces, and identify employee strengths. The questions being asked, how they’re being asked, and the available response options often have a significant impact on survey results. As a business manager, ask direct, neutrally-worded questions about things you can ... Read More »

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