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5 Older Marketing Methods That Are Still Effective Today

Marketing has come a long way in the past decade and upgraded technology has changed many aspects of it. With the rise of business social media other traditional marketing methods have been left behind. However, before you decide to go entirely digital, it’s still important to consider all marketing types. Some older techniques can prove just as effective and may ... Read More »

How To Improve Your Etsy Store Ratings

Customers are no longer enticed to buy from big-box retailers. Instead, they want to support small businesses and put money in the pockets of people that truly deserve it. Plus, the best way to find special products and services is by seeking out independent business owners. Etsy has become the number one online marketplace for creative goods and unique items. ... Read More »

5 Best Local SEO Tools For Your Business Location

The best local SEO software puts businesses in charge of their exposure. These software allows companies to show up in the local-pack of google search results. Also known as the 3-pack, these search results appear before the typical list. Plus, the results are accompanied by a map for context. As a business owner, you should consider signing up for a ... Read More »

5 Best Dropshipping Healthcare Products You Can Sell Online

There are several best dropshipping healthcare products you can sell online to expand business. Today, dropshipping healthcare products is one of the most accessible businesses. Anyone can start a dropshipping business internationally. Worth over a trillion dollars, anyone with an idea or healthcare niche can start making a profit. In fact, roughly 30% of retailers use the dropshipping method to ... Read More »

A Guide To Properly Marketing Beauty Products On Social Media

There are different ways to market beauty products on social media in 2022. The beauty and cosmetic industry was adopted early into the social media world. Today, major beauty brands see the power of social influence for their main marketing strategy. As a marketing manager yourself, you should know the top tactics, strategies, and practices for advertising beauty products. Read ... Read More »

The 4 Marketing Strategies For Your Neighborhood Business

Gone are the days when advertising your local business was a straightforward task. In the past, placing ads in the newspaper, and running commercials on the local radio and TV stations were enough to reach your target audience. However, with the advent of digital media and the internet, the landscape of local marketing has changed significantly. To generate local business ... Read More »

5 Top Ideas To Drive Weekday Restaurant Traffic Efficiently During Slow Times

There are many great ideas to drive weekday restaurant traffic efficiently during slow times. Weekdays in the restaurant business can be drastically different from their fast-paced weekend counterparts. Empty seats are lost money for a restaurant. Getting the out of towner in on business may not be enough to sustain a restaurant without added supports. As a business owner, you ... Read More »

5 Best Reel Templates On Instagram To Create Engaging Content

There are many reel templates on Instagram to create engaging content. Instagram reels have taken over the scene of social media marketing strategy. Engage your audience and expand your reach as reels boost total views on your posted content. Struggling companies may use this method to boost success. As a social media marketer, you should have the best reel templates ... Read More »

How To Formulate A Winning Marketing Strategy For A Political Campaign

Follow a few important steps to build a winning marketing strategy for a political campaign. Political campaigns are responsible for capturing the hearts and minds of voters in a specific region. Many voters have limited time to learn about which candidate best represents their interests. As a campaign marketing strategist, you need to deliver a compelling message to voters on ... Read More »

How To Increase Restaurant Reservations For More Bookings

Follow a simple plan to increase restaurant reservations to receive more bookings in advance. Restaurant patrons love reservations, allowing them to plan their day and get seated within minutes. Meanwhile, restaurants can plan their tables, account for no-shows, and run operations accordingly. As a restaurant owner, reservations can significantly impact your essential bottom line expenses while boosting sales during slow ... Read More »

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