Affordable Port Cities For A Growing Business

Running a shipping operation requires the management of many moving pieces, literally. Today, the options for shipping goods is greater than ever before, but one of the oldest means of transport is still a cost effective option. Many commodities are still shipped by boat to destinations around the world. In fact, the global economy has increased the need for shipping by cargo ships.

Any business that makes large shipments is going to want to consider setting up shop in a port city. Being near a port that’s equipped to handle large shipments and has a ready supply of shipping containers makes operations more cost effective and the logistics much easier to manage. Of course, every port is different and the location can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line.

If you want to streamline your shipping while lowering cost, consider one of these affordable port cities.

Corpus Christi, TX

Houston may be the main port in Texas, but Corpus Christi has many of the same benefits with a lower cost. Like the rest of Texas, the business environment is very friendly and well established. The cost of living is also very reasonable and slightly lower than Houston, which is also affordable for a port city of its size.

One of the main benefits of Corpus Christi is it’s in a deregulated area of Texas. There are dozens of utility providers that compete for business by offering unique plans and rates. By taking the time to compare offers you can find Corpus Christi electricity rates at the lowest price possible and lock them in for a year. This makes it more cost effective and easier to budget for the coming quarters.

Port Everglades – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Believe it or not, this port that few people have heard of was the 10th busiest in the nation during 2013. If you do a fair amount of business with countries in Latin America, Port Everglades is strategically located for shipping. It had the most TEUs (Twenty-Foot-Equivalent Units) shipped between the U.S. and countries south of the border.

Compared to nearby port cities like Miami, Port Everglades offers a better return. Another benefit is that improvements are being made to the port. A few years ago a dredging project got underway to prep the port to handle larger ships.

Gulf Port, MS

Of the 125 port cities in the United States, Gulfport is one of the most affordable places to live and do business. If you want to be located on the coast it will be hard to find a cheaper place. Gulf Port is the second largest city in Mississippi and has recently seen a resurgence. However, the city is still considered unappreciated making it a great time to make a business move.

Savannah, GA

The National Real Estate Investor notes that Savannah is one of the busiest ports in America. It’s also slightly less expensive than it’s top competitor Charleston while handling more TEUs. It’s particularly well suited for agricultural exports.

Savannah is among the most shallow of the top container ports, but it was drilled to 47ft several years ago to make it ready for the “post-Panamax” (PPMX) decade. It has also acquired super PPMX cranes, which can’t be found in many other locations.

Tacoma, Washington

Can’t handle the costs of shipping out of Seattle? Then consider Tacoma instead. The utilities expenses will about the same, but you’ll get cheaper facilities, transportation and healthcare costs.

The port of Tacoma is one of the busiest in the country and is among the fastest growing ports on the west coast. The port readied itself for PPMX back in 2011 and has also made gantry crane rental business upgrades. This puts it on par with more expensive ports in Seattle, Portland and Oakland.

Louisville, KY

Most people think of coastal cities when they think of ports; however, there are a few notable options in the interior. Louisville, KY is one of those options. The city was recently acknowledged for having the 13th best cost of living in the country by Niche. The cost of living measurements largely depended on the cost of land and real estate. Good news for any company that wants to purchase a commercial space.

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