Where To Find High Risk Loans For Business Startups

In many cases, high risk business loans are the only means of obtaining money to start or grow a business. Businesses in high risk industries or businesses with bad credit history often resort to these loans. Getting a business loan from traditional financial institutions with bad credit or no credit history is almost impossible. While small businesses can benefit from small business loans, they may not qualify. Nevertheless, there are several alternative lending companies that offer business loans at high risk. Since these loans are risky to both lenders and borrowers, the interest rates are comparatively higher. Plus, some lenders demand a large down payment to secure their own interests. That’s why business owners should choose high risk business lenders with care. For business owners looking to secure this type of funding, this post covers the top financial high risk business loans.

Horizon Business Funding

Understanding the problems borrowers face in procuring high risk business loans, Horizon Business Funding offers hassle free alternative to the usually process. Basically, Horizon Business Funding offers merchant cash advances. Any business owner with monthly gross sales above $15,000 is eligible to get their merchant cash advances. Unlike many of its contemporaries, Horizon Business Funding offers high risk business funding without personal guarantees or collateral. Moreover, business owners can easily apply to get their business loans online. What’s more, the high risk business funding gets approved within 48 hours of applying. All in all, Horizon Business Funding offers high risk business loans through its flexible and fast alternative loan solutions.


Springleaf has served 3.5 million customers while offering a total of $10 billion in loans. It goes without saying that it is a credible and trustworthy lender. By visiting Springleaf’s website, you can conveniently submit a loan application from the comfort of your home. In addition, the business owners get the privilege of fast loan approval and easy payment schedule. Moreover, with Springleaf you can get the support of 3500 loan experts. Spread across 820 locations, Springleaf is easily accessible. On top of that, Springleaf does not ask any application fee from business owners seeking high risk business loans. If you are in need of quick cash for financial leverage with bad business credit then Springleaf can be an ideal option.


Sometimes, business does not follow the financial plan that you had anticipated. Business owners who urgently need a loan for  working capital should consider Kabbage. This reputed online lending company provides line of credit with simple repayment terms. Though it checks your personal credit history, Kabbage does not hold bad credit history against you. Instead, Kabbage offers high risk business loans based on banking, e-commerce and business accounting records. The main criteria of getting a business loan from Kabbage are annual revenue above $60,000, business experience of one year and an active PayPal or business checking account. More importantly, Kabbage allows you to borrow the exact amount you need to run your business.


Dealstruck specializes in offering high risk business loans to small business owners, supporting their growth plans. Moreover, Dealstruck maintains honesty and transparency, making these risky business loans much safer. Their inventory line of credit offers can finance inventory requirements up to $500,000. You will be glad to know that Dealstruck takes just minutes in pre-qualifying. Upon being approved, you will get your high risk business loans within 10 days. In addition to inventory line credit, Dealstruck offers convenient term loans up to $250,000. Business owners can repay the term loans through single monthly payments. Longer term periods of 48 months further enhance the convenience of Dealstruck loans.


The invoice factoring service offered by BlueVine is another great way of obtaining a high risk business loan. You can open a free account at BlueVine’s website in just minutes. Then, you can select the invoices which will be used to make repayments. Plus, you can control the amount of funding you secure. Moreover, BlueVine gives you a PO Box and bank account, enabling you to easily receive checks and electronic payments. Above all, BlueVine provides cash advances irrespective of your personal credit score. Surely, they are another consideration for low, medium or high risk business loans.

Other Offline Options

While many people value the simplicity and ease-of-use provided by online lenders, this oftentimes makes these high risk loans a bit more difficult to obtain. If you are having difficulty finding financing from the options listed above, you may want to consider one or all of these offline lending options listed below.

  • Auto Title Loans
  • Tax Return Loans
  • Payday loans

While unsecured loans may be considerably high-risk, they also provide a source of funding for those with bad credit. If you are looking for personal loans for people with bad credit, the three options above may provide you the money you need. Try applying for a loan using the online lenders listed above. If those do not work out for you, the offline options of auto loans, tax return loans and payday loans can be used as a last resort.

Short-Term Loans

Another valuable type of high risk loans is short-term loans. They are much easier to qualify for than other types of loans. However, they must be repaid in a relatively small amount of time. Therefore, if you are in a great deal of financial trouble, short-term loans are not for you. Another factor that may deter you away from short-term loans is their high rates. You have worked so hard to create a company identity. Do not throw it away with a lack of funding. If you are looking for a high risk loan that is easy to qualify for and that you can get quickly, consider a short-term loan.

Businesses with bad or no credit history have to obtain high risk business loans. Startup costs can also put businesses in financial states where high risk loans are needed. Generally, high risk business loans are offered at higher interest rates. Quite naturally, this makes paying off the principle amount tougher. Fortunately, there are several online lenders who offer convenient high risk business loans in spite of bad credit history. However, you should use caution when choosing financial organizations who offer high risk business loans.

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