Global Business Ethics Topics To Write About In Management

Business ethics have ingrained as one of the top business challenges facing companies big and small. Managers who talk with the responsibility of writing about business ethics topics to employees should focus on the most important ones. By spreading awareness about these issues, your team will be better prepared to manage the business. Here are the top 5 business ethics issues facing companies today.

Social Media Visibility

Social media is best to start with because it is the newest ethical issue to emerge in business. Multiple ethical issues have presented with the introduction of social media. Can employees be punished for what they post on their social media? Is this a violation of freedom of speech? Are they allowed to post about work related issues at all? Be sure to set boundaries in advance to accurately answer any questions employees may ask about social media use policy.

Gender Equality In The Office

Although this issue is not new, it is persistent in the workplace. Women have long been marginalized and underpaid. Consider the makeup of your workplace when addressing this topic. For example, if your office happens to be made up of majority female employees your concerns will be different than a predominately male workplace. Cultivate an office space where everyone feels equally respected.

Financial Transparency

One of the overarching issues in ethics is finances. Ethical issues involving finances range from tweaking number to full on lying and corruption. Make sure your employees are aware of the hard line when it comes to the finances of your business. As a manager, you are overseeing your staff. You will set the tone for how money and finances handle. Approach this issue openly, and the financial future of your company will be in good hands.

Workplace Productivity

A topic that may be awkward for you to approach as a manager is how time spends in the workplace. This business ethical issue is not as cut and dry as some others may be. For example, you do not want employees spending too much time throughout the day on their cell phones or writing a personal e-mail at work. However, allowing breaks or infrequent check in’s will enable employees to refocus on work and not be concerned about missing anything personal. Create a balance to ensure that employees do not feel sanctioned while still creating an ethical boundary.


Another relatively new business ethical issue is sustainability or environmental impact. It is a business ethical issue that should present to employees as something that can be a team effort. Show that it is a matter upper management is concerned about, and staff is much more likely to get on board. Changes can be as small as installing recycling bins or as big as changing company policy. It can be a great collaborative ethical discussion, as employees may have input on how to approach the business’s sustainability.

Business ethic topics range from employee behavior to company policy, and even outside office settings. As a manager, it is important that you write original argumentative essays with equal urgency to your employees. Make sure to keep remaining open, so employees feel comfortable approaching you with ethical concerns before a real issue arises. Stay in mind that ethics are not black and white. Consider individual situations before issuing consequences to remain morally correct. Proper presentation of business ethics topics will benefit you, your employees, and your company.

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