8 Skilled Careers That Allow You To Work Remotely

Imagine a work day with no treacherous commute. No meetings or annoying office politics. You do not have to wear the same tired clothes all week or get stuck in the evening traffic back home. If this sounds like the perfect job; you are in good company. A recent study indicates that more than half of the employed workforce would prefer to work from a location outside the office.

Why Is Remote Work So Appealing?

Recent studies have explored the reasons for this preference. Here are the top cited reasons.

  • A better work-life balance using virtual management
  • The ability to be able to live anywhere you want
  • Some respondents asserted that they are more productive working from home
  • Avoiding the stress of commuting
  • To avoid office politics

So what careers can allow you to work from home?

1. Bookkeeping

When it comes to working outside the office, there are a lot of opportunities for bookkeepers. Typically, bookkeeping jobs pay $20- $25 per hour. With a bookkeeping course and some work experience, you are well on your way to a remote job in this field.

2. Email Marketing

Online marketing is big today. Small businesses, as well as established outfits, are looking to engage someone to handle their email marketing. Here, you have the choice to work freelance for several companies or full time for one company. Email marketers normally have an academic background in PR or marketing.

3. Customer Service Management

Many companies are hiring people to manage their customer communication remotely. You have probably seen chat boxes or email prompts on retailers sites. The person on the receiving end is likely to be a remotely-working customer care person. Individuals with retail, customer service experience or communications are a great fit for such roles.

4. Onboarding Specialist

If you have an HR academic background, you can work online as an onboarding specialist. Onboarding specialists are tasked with identifying, screening and giving your recommendation on the best candidates for possible hiring.

5. Administrative Assistant

Online Administrative assistants are commonly referred to as Virtual Assistants or VA’s. Many small businesses and even busy professionals need help. However, but they can’t necessarily afford to pay full-time employees. VA’s are a great option because they work as and when needed. With sound Microsoft office skills and organizational skills, this can be a successful career for you. VA’s perform a wide range of tasks including handling emails and phone calls, diary management, drafting and filing paperwork. At times, they make travel arrangement and data entry work.

6. Transcriptionists

Transcribing entails converting audio to text. Some transcriptionists pick a niche like academic, medical, legal and so on. While there is no specific academic background to equip you for this job, you need above average listening skills, good grammar, and fast typing speeds.

7. Travel Manager

For people that love the world of travel and the intricacies of the logistics involved, this would be an excellent choice. As a corporate travel manager, your job entails sourcing and booking accommodations, airport pickups and so on. A chunk of your time will also go into hunting for the best discounts and travel deals on the internet.

9. Writer, Proofreader or Editor

If you often get compliments on your writing skills, consider getting paid for them. You can write content for websites, books and other publications from the comfort of your home. While no specific training is required in this field of work, you must be attentive to detail and a strong grasp of grammar.

There you go! If you hate the dreary 9 to 5  routine, consider the above career options. There is nothing better than working a job you love and having the freedom of setting your own schedule.

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