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5 Best Practices for Giveaway Items in Marketing

Giveaway items, also called “swag,” remains one of the most impactful marketing practices a company can use. Give a potential a branded item they are about 85% likely to remember your company. Despite the marketing world’s focus on digital marketing to grow your business, giveaway items have only become more effective. The customer still wants to hold something in their hands. However, careful thought should be ... Read More »

How To Increase Your Trade Show ROI For Every Event

There are many good reasons to attend tradeshows and similar events, whether you’re in it to make your brand more visible or just to stay involved in the industry. In fact, they’re still one of the most effective ways to promote a B2B company. In most of those applications, your success rate is going to be dependent on your ability ... Read More »

How To Maximize PR Distribution For Marketing Exposure

An essential part of marketing a company is distribution of press releases. These major announcements are common to every company and Industry. This is why it is increasingly difficult to get noticed in the crowded sea of information. Marketing executives are under increasing pressure to make sure their press releases stand out and offer some return of investment. However, this ... Read More »

5 Powerful Places To Buy Ad Space For Marketing Campaigns

Advertisements are a vital piece of your business’s marketing strategy. They can reach dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people if placed strategically. If you are doing proper customer segmentation, you can reach very targeted market. Not surprisingly, there are some places that are better than others for ad space. Below are some of the most powerful places to buy ad ... Read More »

5 Best Practices For Marketing On Facebook To Build Your Brand

Businesses have taken advantage of social media’s prominence in consumer’s lives and leveraged things like Snapchat and Instagram as marketing tools. Facebook is a great instrument for business marketing. It attracts a wide range of age groups, allows for pictures and text and is easy to navigate. Business marketing on Facebook can give your business the boost it needs to ... Read More »

Why Startups Need A Logo To Optimize Branding For Maximum Exposure

It’s no secret that new businesses thrive on exposure and marketing, especially thanks to modern market data collection tools. As an entrepreneur trying to construct a startup, you need a logo to define your brand’s image. A strong logo will give your new businesses the distinction and credibility it needs to succeed. Below are major reasons a small logo will ... Read More »

Top 5 Metrics Every Email Marketer Needs To Track

Email marketing is one of those most inexpensive and effective marketing strategies if done properly. It is essential that an email marketer measure metrics to assess and develop a campaign strategy. Here are top metrics every email marketer needs to track to maximize marketing reach and increase revenue. Open Rate Open rate focuses on the most basic principle of email ... Read More »

5 Reasons Marketing Data Analytics Tools Help Improve Business Performance

Across areas of business operations, data plays a crucial role. However, data management and analysis is particularly important for marketing purposes. Marketing data analytics strategies provide crucial advantages to marketing departments and businesses as a whole. If you own a small business, tracking and analyzing marketing data is just as helpful to and important for your operations. Find out the ... Read More »

Why Your Brand’s Success Begins With A Sound Marketing Strategy

Too many business owners treat marketing as a luxury, and as something that they will only feel comfortable investing in once they reach a certain level of success. Unfortunately, what those business owners don’t realize is that they may never reach that level of success if they don’t invest in marketing efforts. Marketing isn’t just an important business function—it is ... Read More »

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