How To Find Business Leads On LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn is a very popular source to find business leads. In today’s changing business environment, over 65% of companies are struggling to generate leads. Many companies are shifting to social media for paid B2B and organic leads. In fact, LinkedIn has become the top social platform, accounting for more than 80% of social B2B leads online. As a business owner, you can use the power of LinkedIn without having to spend too much valuable time. Follow the steps below on how to find business leads on LinkedIn.

Optimize Profile

The first step in finding business leads on LinkedIn is to optimize your profile. Create a profile that enhances search opportunities and is SEO friendly. Additionally, you can optimize your profile to include simple SEO tips for small businesses. Of course, include keywords that relate to your business for higher quality traffic. Additionally, add previous projects to highlight your skills and work ethic. Certainly create a vanity URL as a way to establish trust and to allow your consumers to remember your profile easily. In fact, by completely filling out your profile, you are forty times more likely to collect inquiries. Of course, optimize your LinkedIn profile to gain more business lead opportunities.

Become A Sales Navigator

Next, sign up to become a sales navigator to find high quality leads. While sales navigator is not required, the business development application can give you access to a multitude of tools. These advanced recommendation tools provide profiles to search, follow and connect with. Additionally, you can access lead recommendations that are based off your profile interactions, sales preferences and search history. Becoming a sales navigator gives you the opportunity to examine an unlimited source of potential clients that are targeted for your business. Certainly, look in to becoming a sales navigator for better business lead outcomes.

Build Lead List

Next, find more business elands on LinkedIn by building your lead list. Investigate current client connections to locate potential business prospects. Of course, start by looking at the recommendation section. View these profiles and stand by until they view your profile as well. From there, send a personalized connection request. This can drastically increase your chances of gaining acceptance. When the request is accepted, you can send a message thanking them for their connection and start building a business relationship. Certainly, you can get a feel of their interest level and continue from there. Definitely build your lead list to gain stronger connection opportunities.

Post Relevant Updates

Definitely, post relevant updates on LinkedIn to find business leads. Post business related content to label your profile as a knowledgeable source and establish credibility with potential prospects. This can lead to like-minded connections of professionals who fit your target customer base. In addition, you can utilize reward platforms to build your customer’s base. Post often to become a regular on their feed to potentially initiate future conversations. Additionally, posts that are interacted with by current connections can lead to exposure from new clients. Potential leads can see the interaction of the shared connection, who can vouch for your business credibility. This can lead to requests from new potential clients. Of course, follow your page analytics to discover what type of posts that work for your viewers. Staying active, post relevant updates to find business leads on LinkedIn.

Join Customer LinkedIn Groups

Finally, join customer LinkedIn groups to find business leads online. Employ advanced search to find user and interest groups within your industry. You can learn a lot about your business, customers and industry by following the group conversations. Additionally, if there are issues with your business, this is the place to discover those issues and work with your customers to fix them. Keep watch of these groups to gain everyday insights about how you can connect and help your client base. Of course, you should join customer LinkedIn groups to find business leads.

Clearly LinkedIn is a popular source to find business leads. Start by optimizing your profile for better search opportunities and traffic. Next, become a sales navigator to utilize the special tools LinkedIn offers such as viewing an unlimited source of potential leads. Of course, build a lead list to create strong relationships with business connections. Certainly post relevant updates to educate connections and persuade potential prospects. Finally, join a customer LinkedIn group to understand and help your business as seen through a customer’s view. Follow the steps above to find business leads on LinkedIn.

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