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How Managers Choose A JavaScript Library For Business Development

Choosing the right JavaScript framework or library can have a major impact on a business. Depending on which library you choose, the business could have a higher level of risk, increased time to implementation and long term maintenance obligations. In order to choose the right library, managers must make the technology selection a strategic decision. In this post, you will ... Read More »

How To Choose Best Video Sharing Service To Host Business Content

Video sharing is a crucial component of marketing operations for all businesses. It is also helpful for human resources training purposes. Video content is one of the most in-demand types of digital content online. That is because social media platforms optimize user feeds to display more of this content. That is what makes it so effective for all different purposes. ... Read More »

5 Data Processing Frameworks For Businesses In The Information Age

The evolution of big data impacts every business and customer. By 2020, we are expected to have over 44 trillion gigabytes of information in the digital universe. Information is ballooning to incredible volumes, and to be useful to business owners, it must be transformed into something meaningful. Storage is not enough. Business leaders who use data must be able to ... Read More »

5 Reasons Outsourcing Software Development Produces Better Results

Outsourcing has helped so many businesses achieve rapid growth with successful results. Software development is one area in particular that has frequently been outsourced by all sized business operations. This is because software development is such a highly specialized field for businesses to navigate. Thankfully, outsourcing software development is actually a wise decision for many types of business. There are ... Read More »

5 Ways To Find Cheap Office Space To Maximize Your Startup Budget

Startup operations do not always have the huge budgets that everyone assumes they have. Most often, startup budgets are shoestring budgets. Entrepreneurs are forced to bootstrap business and work their way to the top. The first step to feeling like a real business is to get an office space. But most, not all, office spaces are expensive. Thankfully, you can ... Read More »

The 6 Step Checklist For Moving To A New Hosting Company

You’ve finally decided that it is time for a new host. It might feel like a bad breakup, but you know that it is for the best. Your website is going to thank you, but before you get too excited know this is a serious process. If your site’s migration is not done properly, your site could experience downtime and ... Read More »

How To Pick Restaurant Online Ordering Software That Boosts Revenue

Restaurants need to do quite a bit of work to stay relevant and successful in today’s business environment. Consumers are expecting on-demand services and home delivery options more than ever before. For many restaurant owners, offering delivery services has never been necessary. Now, it is one of the best ways to boost restaurant revenue. If you have decided to start ... Read More »

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