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What Can I Do If I Have An Invention Idea But No Money?

If you don’t have money, you can still move forward with an invention idea. Naturally, you may be worried that your limited financial resources will keep you from developing your concept. Fortunately, new inventors can follow several guiding steps to get over this economic hurdle. After all, you have already done the hardest part by coming up with a creative ... Read More »

5 Ways Business Mileage Apps Optimize Expense Tracking

There are many ways the best business mileage apps optimize expense tracking. Keeping a manual log of distances, travel categories, and other costs can be time-consuming. In addition, it can be tedious to translate this raw data to know exactly what expenses are tax deductible. As a business manager, you need to automate your mileage tracking to increase accuracy and ... Read More »

How Employee Advocacy Software Works For Brands

Employee advocacy software allows companies to promote their brand. With more people working from home, employees can have a significant impact on brand marketing by promoting their company on social media and other online channels. Since customers trust people they know, brand content shared by employees has a much higher engagement rate and stronger impression on the brand’s overall reputation. ... Read More »

5 Best Coffee Machines For Office Use In 2020

There are several top-ranking coffee machines for office use in 2020. For many people, coffee is essential to a productive office life. Like paper, pens, phones, and computers, coffee allows your team to get work done more efficiently. Plus, it keeps your staff alert and lively, leading to more collaboration and ideas. As a business manager, you need to know ... Read More »

How Online Staff Rota Software Improves Your Employee Management Procedures

Advanced online staff rota software offers several advanced, highly flexible features that enable you to improve your business employee management procedures. For businesses of all size, scheduling has historically been a complex, challenging, and tedious task. When improperly managed, your employee scheduling can become incredibly expensive, inaccurate, or not meet legal compliance in business. Advanced scheduling solutions enable shift swapping, ... Read More »

5 Best Live Streaming TV Options For Small Business Owners

There are many potential reasons why a business would want television service. It could be for the employees to watch on their breaks, or watching could be a part of their job description. Customers would appreciate something to watch in a business where they would need to wait, as well. As a business owner, navigating the myriad of television services ... Read More »

Remote Access Solutions Become Critical For SME Objectives

Remote working was already being seen as the future of the workplace before the recent pandemic struck. The trend towards remote work has only accelerated in response to the pandemic. The COVID-19 crisis has taken its toll on countless companies all over the world. This pandemic has forced many businesses to adapt remote working models that they didn’t previously anticipate. ... Read More »

5 Best Lumbar Pillows For Chairs To Relieve Employee Back Pain

There are several best lumbar pillows for chairs to relieve employee back pain. Many desk workers leave the office each day with an aching lower back. As an office manager, you can improve your employees’ comfort with a lumbar pillow. This is an important upgrade to make your office more productive, as employees can work more comfortably and quickly without ... Read More »

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