The Most Important Recent Changes In Medical SEO Marketing

In today’s world, more and more medical company representatives are realizing that maintaining a strong online presence can empower them to win new business and expand their sphere of industry authority. If you want to realize either of these two objectives, it’s important to know that maintaining a savvy SEO campaign is a must. SEO is important because it helps heighten your medical company’s visibility in the online domain. This heightened visibility can help take your conversion rates from average to awesome. Whether you want to do it yourself or hire a medical SEO agency such as Solution21 to conduct search engine optimization for you, it is imperative to learn more about recent changes to the SEO world to ensure that you can move your company forward in a dynamic way:

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) Are On The Rise

AMPs are a protocol that enable webmasters to develop pages that can be quickly loaded via mobile device. With this format, your site can load up to four times more quickly while using eight times less data. Google has already begun favoring sites that have moved to AMPs. With all of this in mind, make sure that your SEO efforts involve making your medical site as mobile friendly as possible. Individuals who use electronic devices to access your site need to be able to do so without complications and confusion.

2. Dense Content Is On The Rise

Because content is viewed as an SEO strategy that helps improve your medical company’s level of visibility and prestige, remaining cognizant of new trends in content marketing is imperative. In the last several years, many people have grown accustomed to-and disgusted with-fluff content. This content is vacuous in that it presents little information and is oftentimes a generic replica of a blog post or web article that was already published. Once the nausea induced by the seemingly ceaseless production of fluff content became apparent, there was a big surge in the publication of “epic” content. This content is long and covers topics in a more exhaustive manner. Now that online audiences have been exposed to “epic” content, it seems that the new craze may be dense content. Dense content is a form of content that involves providing the reader with a ton of information in the tiniest amount of space possible. This information can be particularly important for medical sites that include blogs which regularly feature posts with 1,000 words or more. Switching up your content form may attract new visitors and help you win new patients.

Keep in mind that the creation of dense content will not be the only strategy you can implement to optimize your content marketing process. For example, focusing on the cultivation of user-generated content can help push your medical practice forward in a powerful way. User-generated content is powerful because it functions as a form of word-of-mouth advertising which shows your prospective clients that other people value your medical brand. For this reason, encouraging satisfied medical clients to write positive reviews about your organization is a good idea.

3. Cross-Channel Marketing

Cross-channel marketing will likely become a big SEO trend in 2017. This marketing process involves developing a consistent presence for the brand across several channels. Taking this course of action ensures that users will be able to easily move between platforms and devices in order to make a purchase or take some other course of action. Cross-channel marketing is an important SEO strategy because it enables you to use several channels simultaneously to optimize and expedite the marketing process.

4. Voice Search Will Become More Important

Voice search has become a relatively common search option. The appeal of this search mode is undeniable in the sense that it is futuristic, fast, and hands-free. With each technological improvement and update, the error rate for voice search decreases. The speech recognition error rate has been reduced from 25% to 8%. The goal for 2017 is to move beyond the realm of voice recognition and into the sphere of voice understanding. This evolution will involve changes within the following spheres:

  • Keyword research resulting from spoken queries
  • Personalized information
  • Location-based context
  • Previous searches

Start Optimizing Your Medical Company’s Online Presence Now!

If you’re serious about making your medical company successful in 2017, now is the time to start working towards the realization of that goal. Use the information management and ideas regarding 2017 SEO trends found above to get on the road to optimizing your medical organization’s online presence.

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