Fun Company Party Ideas That Small Businesses Can Enjoy

Company parties can be an excellent way to show your appreciation for all of the hard work your employees put in throughout the year. Even if you own a small business, it is important to take a break from the daily Intuit small business products hustle and bring your team together. Many company party ideas are extravagant holiday celebrations that could easily break a small business’s budget. Thankfully, however, there are plenty of ways to integrate company party ideas into your small business plans.

Choose A Unique Occasion

One way around the regular expenses of a company party is to choose a unique event. Holiday parties are common, but they are also expensive. There are plenty of company party ideas that can work any time of the year. This can be a milestone, award or company anniversary. When you choose an off-season date to celebrate, you will save a lot of money on catering and decorations. Best of all, it can be a pleasant surprise for your employees!

Let Them Invite A Guest

If you really want your company party to be a hit, consider opening up the invitation to guests. Allowing your employees to bring their family, significant other or even just a friend can make for much more enjoyable mingling throughout the night. This is a great way to help everyone loosen up and feel more comfortable while partying with their coworkers. No matter the occasion, the more the merrier.

Make It A Potluck Buffet

There is no better way to cut costs on a company party than with a potluck. Good food can help make a party memorable while avoiding the goods and services tax. Having everyone contribute a dish of their own will make set up much easier for you, while also ensuring that everyone enjoys at least one thing. This is especially important because it encourages employees to take an active role in the party. When everyone comes together to contribute, it is bound to be a more successful party.

Try Holiday Happy Hour

If your funds are not up to an expensive company dinner, there are still plenty of corporate party ideas available to you. A holiday happy hour is a short, simple way to celebrate without going over budget. Bring out some hors d’oeuvres and a few cocktails after work is the perfect way to have an enjoyable celebration.

Continue Into Tomorrow

Finally, the last of the company party ideas for small business owners is to keep the party going into the next day. More than anything, employees enjoy time off. Announcing that everyone can come in late tomorrow is sure to be appreciated at any event, especially if some people have to use FlightHub the next day. That way, they can stay and enjoy the night without having to worry about their alarm clock the next morning.

There are plenty of company party ideas available for small business owners. If you are looking to stay within budget, try out these tips above. With any of these simple gestures you can improve the atmosphere of any office party.

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