5 Methods To Create Digital Signage Content For Retail Display

Creating interesting digital signage content is a great way to increase retail revenue. Many retail owners are choosing to design and display their own digital content. Retail owners have many options to display compelling messages on their retail signs. As a retail store owner, you may be interested in making your own digital signage. Here are some methods for creating digital signage that will boost your retail sales.

Use Digital Signage Software

Using the right software is the basis for creating digital signage. There are many software programs that you can use to create and edit content. The best digital signage software includes hundreds of layouts, backgrounds and pictures. You can use these features to design truly intricate signage. Consider your store’s needs before deciding which software to use. Using the right software is the first step to creating digital signage yourself.

Repurpose Older Content

Secondly, you can repurpose older content to create new digital signage. Many retail stores have older assets, from pictures to products. Whether you have ran local marketing campaigns or national TV commercials, any existing media could be used on digital displays. Breathe new life into old content by editing the source material. You can add new slogans to previous pictures to advertise recent sales. You can also take advantage of trends when repurposing your signage. Look through your prior content to repurpose it when making new digital signage.

License Stock Content

Next, using stock content is a cost effective method of creating digital signage. You can pick and choose from the thousands of product relevant pictures or videos. To effectively use this method, add your own slogans and information to stock pictures. Many stock images are already optimized, contributing to quality signage for your business. On the other hand, you can use stock videos for more eye catching interactive displays. Then, overlay stock videos with customized text or add narration to videos to display new products. Take advantage of the plethora of stock content for all you signage needs.

Display Social Proof

Your digital signage should display social proof from other customers. Seeing testimonials and social media posts will make your customers more inclined to buy the displayed products. This source of content creates compelling digital signage. As we have seen, the power of social influencing can cause customers to jump on the latest trend. Use the fear of missing out combined with social proof to push customers to buy what others are buying. Targeting a specific audience with social proof can create effective digital signage.

User Generated Work

Your customers can create digital signage for you by submitting user generated work. This is an increasingly popular form of signage creation because the customer generates content from their own experience as a consumer. As noted, user generated content creates authenticity for your displays. To foster signage submissions, offer money or run a contest. You can offer the winner discounts on products in your store, as well as recognition for their submission. Accept user generated work to add some extra creativity your digital signage creation.

Any store owner can create digital signage by using these methods. Make the creation process easier by using the right software, repurposing old content and using stock content. For an authentic and compelling message, display social proof for customers. Moreover, you can accept content designs from customers to create an authentic experience. By using these methods, you can create compelling digital signage.

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