5 Creative Employee Recruitment Strategies To Win Top Talent

What were once effective employee recruitment strategies are becoming less effective. As an HR manager, you need to discover new, exciting strategies if you want to avoid outsourcing. Only then will you be able to find the talent businesses are looking for. After all, employees are not very different from employers during the recruitment process. Both desire the best fit for themselves. Below, you will find the most creative employee recruitment strategies to win top talent.

Group Interactive Interviews

Interviews that take place in a group setting promote the best hiring. You learn a lot about applicants when you see them interact with others. Additionally, applicants often feel more comfortable in group settings. You are less likely to be dealing with a nervous, sweaty interviewee during a group interview. It is also easier to determine who stands out upon seeing all candidates together. Select certain applicants to join you and your peers for lunch. Host a small get together. Find the best way to group interview for the business. It makes for one of the best, creative employee recruitment strategies.

Geo-Target Job Advertisements

Geo-targeting also lies on the list of creative employee recruitment strategies to win top talent. With geo-targeting, you can proactively target job seekers near you. Typically, applicants look for jobs within a 30 mile radius of their home. Therefore, geo-targeting potential candidates within that proximity provides you with a greater chance of hitting the nail on the head. Additionally, employee retention will be much higher when they live close to work. Interested targeted applicants may not see your job advertisement otherwise. Find top talent yourself. Do not wait for it to find you. Geo-target your job advertisements to take action.

Employee Inclusion

Another effective and creative employee recruitment strategy is to include your employees in the interview process. After all, who knows the company better than current employees? Furthermore, who understands what it takes to perform the job role better than someone who is currently performing them? Additionally, they can offer candidates insight as to what the job really entails. Allow employees to give insight into candidate selection to find and win top talent.

Hashtag On Social Media

As an HR manager, you are aware of how beneficial posting jobs on social media is. However, you may not be utilizing it to its full ability. Use hashtags related to the job you are hiring for. Potential applicants live on various social media platforms. They use them to discover relevant jobs. Guarantee that they find you. Perhaps you are hiring for a marketing job in Pennsylvania. Post about the job and use hashtags such as #marketingjob and #Pennsylvaniajoboffer. New, top talent is sure to find you with social media employee recruitment strategies.

Behind-The-Scenes Showcasing

Lastly, showcase what your company looks like behind-the-scenes. To find the best of the best employees, ensure they are 100% interested in the job. This will lower your employee turnover rates drastically. Often times, employees apply to jobs with an inaccurate impression in mind. Then, an interview is a waste of everyone’s time. Provide insight into the culture of the business with showcasing. In doing so, you can find the best matches. Behind-the-scenes showcasing is one of many creative employee recruitment strategies.

HR managers like yourself need to keep up with trending recruitment strategies. Otherwise, they will fall behind competitors. To succeed, establish interactive group interviews. Geo-target your job advertisements. Include current employees in the hiring process. Use hashtags on social media. Finally, showcase the company’s culture to find the right candidates. These are all creative employee recruitment strategies to win top talent.

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