3 Ways Digital Technology Is Benefiting the Workplace

As a business owner, your goal is to create the most efficient and profitable workplace that you can. Communication is a critical component to meeting those objectives. Many workplace accessories are facilitating communication between teams. By tapping into the latest digital technology, such as workplace digital signage, digital bulletin boards or electronic message boards, you can reach your employees more effectively.  Here is a closer look at three ways digital communication can drive results in your workplace.

It Increases Employee Satisfaction

Every company wants a low turnover rate. New employees are expensive, hiring is a hassle, and training takes time and money to get new hires up to speed.  The longer employees are on the job, the more proficient they become. So what is the secret to a low turnover rate? Happy employees. And how do you keep your employees happy? With an efficient electronic display communication system.

Think of it as a powerful visual communication tool that offers unlimited flexibility to reach workers on all shifts, deliver company-wide messages to all while also being able to target unique messaging to each location. It offers an easy way to communicate your goals, report your performance and recognize employees for a job well done. Besides posting important company updates, you can post motivational content, health and wellness tips, work anniversaries, birthdays, weather alerts, etc. By speaking to “the whole person” your employees will know that you value them as people, not just as workers. And that goes a long way toward employee satisfaction.

It Creates a More Productive Workplace

Digital signage can be very effective at improving productivity. Starting with your business objectives, digital signage is a channel for communicating with visual impact in a way that all employees can understand. When your employees have a clear end goal in mind, they are able to stay focused on the task at hand—the task you care about the most.

Digital signage makes it easy to target unique content to specific groups. So, if you need to reinforce production stats on the plant floor, you will want to install screens there. Likewise for call center goals or inventory status, you’ll need to look at placing screens in those work areas. By making the content relevant to workers, you’re helping them stay motivated. Create contests and post the updates on the display. Publicly congratulate a team member when they achieve their goal. Motive them to stay on track with daily or weekly updates. The opportunities to increase productivity via digital technology are limitless.

It Puts You in Control

In today’s age of smartphones and social media, it can be challenging to control what your employees hear about your company. News and rumors spread faster than ever. Negative news and speculation are distractions that impact your company’s morale and productivity. Luckily, a major fiasco can be avoided with effective workplace communication. Instead of your team learning about the company’s latest moves from the media (which is likely going to be a skewed view), they can hear about it straight from you. When they see you being transparent with them, they will feel valued and continue to work hard for you. By introducing workplace digital signage that is dedicated to employee communication, it reinforces your commitment to keeping your employees informed, motivated and engaged.

With such incredible advances available today, there is no reason not to take advantage of the digital technology available to you. When you can put it to work to effectively communicate with your employees, you can see incredible things happen within your company. If your employees are happy, feel valued, and stay in the know, then they will be productive. They will work smarter and harder to achieve their goals, and your customers and your bottom line will benefit. All of this can be obtained by implementing an effective digital communication strategy that will engage your employees and keep them informed even during times of crisis. If you can do that, you will see your company transformed.

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