Must Have Features Of Luxury Homes That Buyers Want

Luxury lifestyles and luxury homes often go hand in hand. Entrepreneurs who realize success in their professional lives often choose to acquire homes that make a statement about their success. Sometimes these homes deliver messages to the world that are flamboyant, but most often they are elegant. Location, size, features and style all play a role in how spectacular and dramatic the home and the message it conveys to the world actually is. If you are thinking of taking out a second mortgage, keep reading below.

Home Choice

Successful business owners who don’t need to live frugally, who relocate to the Comox Valley and who intend on purchasing a luxury home have an immense number of choices. While a home nestled in tall pine trees overlooking the ocean can be breathtaking, so can a fairway home in Crown Isle bordering the area’s only platinum rated golf course. Luxury homes can be found in urban areas in a variety of subdivisions in Courtenay and Comox. They can also be found in more secluded spots located throughout the valley. Some locations are literally a few minutes away from Comox and Courtenay while others may be much more rural and remote.

Price Point And Type

The entry point to the luxury homes market is around a half million dollars and it goes up from there into the multi-million dollar range. Custom builds, West Coast contemporary designs, multi-generational homes, timber frame, Mediterranean, country estates, stately executive, heritage, and rustic homes are among the many options open to buyers. Luxury condos are also available too. And for the experienced entrepreneur, there is a deal to made everywhere.

Open Floor Plans

In this day and age, open floor plans are one of the most sought after feature of luxury homes. Think of it in terms of depreciation methods. If you want to buy a home with maximum resale value, make sure it has an open floor plan. This feature will make your luxury home look as luxurious as possible. This is a must for all luxury homes bought in the near future.

Locations And Features

Some luxury homes are custom built in exclusive neighborhoods such as Crown Isle, home to many top CEOs, founders and executives. They may be smaller entry level homes or more lavish custom built homes residing next to the fairway with calming views from open air patios. They may also be penthouse luxury condos with high end finishing, appliances and other features.

The Process For New And Available

Buying a luxury home often involves a process that starts with location. Closely tied to location is the home itself. The home may be chosen from those that are currently available or it may be a custom build from available architectural plans or designed from scratch. This process may be over quickly if the buyer finds an existing home that works for them or it may take a year or more to design and subsequently construct. Finding a high end builder who can produce what is imagined by the buyer is very important in a custom construction.

Interior Finishing

The best entrepreneurs appreciate the importance of details. Every luxury home comes with a specific level of interior finishing details. Typically, the interior features come from well-known contractors and artists, not pawn shops. More common touches may include crown molding, Wainscoting, coffered and tray ceilings. Slightly less common elements may include extended outdoor living spaces with courtyards, pergolas, fireplaces and water features. The level of finishing detail often sets higher end homes apart from others with the same style and outside appearance.

Outdoor Living

In order to live in true luxury and have the most luxurious home on the block, you are going to need an outdoor living space complete with lawn games. Today’s most successful entrepreneurs showcase their enormous wealth through luxury homes that even offer comfort outside of their four walls. Not only do the most beautiful homes in America have awe-inspiring decor and furnishings inside and out, lawn game spaces are becoming increasingly more common for the upper echelon’s amusement. In order to live in true luxury, draw inspiration from the golden age of American Industry and incorporate lawn games into your landscape design to impress your guests when the sun is shining.

Extra Amenities

Of course, luxury home buyers want amenities they can’t access in regular homes or low income housing. For example, a hallmark of the most luxury houses are beautifully designed pools and entertainment centers. The pool can be partnered with comfortable outdoor furniture and a fire pit where buyers can enjoy the outdoors. Or, there could be a movie theater, a bowling alley, a game room and even a tennis court. Buyers are looking for the features that set that luxury house apart from the rest.  Certainly, buyers are looking for luxury with extra amenities.

Other Considerations

There can be a myriad of other things to think about when buying a luxury home. For help wading through all of the details contact the award winning team at and ask them to guide you through the Comox Valley luxury home buying process. Even the most savvy tech entrepreneurs can save some time too, in learning how to buy a foreclosure and how to land the house of your dreams.


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