How To Simplify Finances In Your 50s To Ensure Comfortable Retirement

Compound interest is a great ally. However, it needs time to work on your behalf to grow your assets. As people are living longer, they are going to need more savings to fund their retirement investing because there seems little likelihood of the Social Security System doing that. It was never designed to be more than a support in old age and with the funds dwindling, it is questionable whether even the present benefits are sustainable. If you reach the half century, time is running out for saving sufficient to guarantee a comfortable retirement. You cannot just shrug your shoulders and do nothing, but the question is what is the best strategy to adopt to start to save?

Start Saving Right Away

If you have failed to save any significant amount of money to this point, it may well be that you have been spending all you have earned over the years. That can be because of settling your student loan, buying real estate with a mortgage and raising a family. None of those things are bad and if you have built up significant equity in your real estate that can certainly help you in later life. If the children have gone, that may be releasing money guaranteed approval 5000 each month but if you have always spent any surplus you have then you need to change.

Set A Budget

In your fifties, now is the time to set a preliminary retirement budget. Creating a retirement budget in advance will help you figure out the best time for you to retire. This is an important part of financial planning in your 50s. You are nearing retirement. In order to successfully prepare for the next stage of your life and career, you need to plan for how much money you will need in advance. That way, you can make sure you have that money saved up before you retire, just as you would want to meet the PPI deadline at work.

At the age of 50 you will have had a number of experiences and many of them will help you in your efforts to save but you should also open your mind to new ideas as well. What you have to realize is that time is your potential enemy so you must be determined in the strategy to set yourself and recognize that you cannot afford to make mistakes.

Retirement Is Coming

Now, that you’re in you’re 50’s, retirement will seem much closer than before. You still have time to plan, save and invest for your future. The best financial tactic you can use, contribute to a retirement plan. If possible, increase your contributions to the maximum amount. As a result, you will start to see the difference in your 401K and IRA accounts. Of course, you will have sizable tax benefits too.

Increase Savings

The IRS allows you to put more into a 401(k) after you reach 50. You must try to take advantage of that. Hopefully, you have gradually earned more as your career has progressed so you may be able to increase the money you are putting into your retirement plan. You can increase the previous maximum of $18,000 by $6,000 and in the case of an IRA, from $5,500 per annum to $6,500. Five years later, you can invest more in your Health Savings Account plan and you should do that as well.

Income Protection

As you get older, the chances of illness increase, as do the chances of business bankruptcy. You should look at the insurance that you have in place. That includes what your employer has in place for you and what you are paying for yourself. You cannot afford to lose wages as well as face significant medical bills because that will certainly harm your future plans. You need to factor in how long these policies take before they pay out, and what is the potential personal cost in the meanwhile.

If you have any doubts about whether you have the best policies in the market place, do more research.

Learn from the Younger Generation

Extra Income. While most people look at ways to reduce their regular expenditure as the best way to create a surplus, there is the other side of the equation. You may be able to find ways of increasing your income, and your income tax rate. At 50 and over, there is no suggestion that you should become a barman at night after a day’s work but there are opportunities to earn more money out there. Perhaps you have a hobby that you can turn into a money-maker and there is plenty of opportunity online to earn money as well. Investigate that.

Room for Rent. If you still live in a large family home and the children have gone, you may think about renting a room. That may not be to your liking on a full-time basis, but if you live in an area where there is seasonal demand for accommodation, then six or eight weeks’ rent would surely be a bonus?

Employ technology for Investment. Modern technology includes apps which help you to invest in small amounts, as little as $5 a time, when firms would charge you a fee to handle your fund as well as seek a minimum investment.

Technology for your Budget. You can run your budget online using apps which will identify where you might be wasting money. This way, you can start strategic cost cutting to help save money. You will never forget a payment and incur penalties if you have the correct information in place online.

You may think some of these ideas make only minimal difference to how you are handling performance management at present. Once you reach 50, every little bit helps. You have limited time with the official retirement age between 66 and 67. Surely you don’t want to work beyond 70 in any event? As long as you adopt a good strategy and persevere with it, there is still some time to secure a decent retirement.

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