Fundraising For Nonprofit Organizations Ideas To Target Large Donations


Financial status is important for any business, especially so for a nonprofit organization. A poorly financed nonprofit organization is unlikely to achieve its goals. A well funded nonprofit organization will meet its targets and be sustainable for years to come. Unfortunately, there are not many quality free online courses on the topic. So, here are the top methods of fundraising for nonprofit organizations that owners should be aware of.

Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas

If you are looking for easy-to-implement, free fundraising ideas, we have a couple useful ones for you. The first is one that if you have not already implemented, you need to do so immediately. Amazon Affiliates offers an incredible fundraising solution for not for profit organizations, like yours. By signing up for Amazon Smile, your organization can make money every single time someone shops using your particular link. Even if you were to just distribute the link to employees and their families and friends, you stand to fundraise quite a bit of money. If you want to take advantage of a passive free fundraising solution, sign your nonprofit up with Amazon Smile.

Have A Strong Brand

What is public relations for nonprofit fundraising? It is everything, especially in terms of having a strong brand. Having a strong brand is crucial for any business. However, it is particularly important when fundraising for nonprofit organizations. Your company should have a name and logo that is easily recognizable, not something that can be confused with similar organizations. Make sure your mission statement and company vision are clear and incorporated in everything you do. Fundraising for nonprofit organization requires a strong brand in order to attract donations.

Make It Easy To Donate

Making it easy for donors to give money to your organization is imperative. You absolutely must have an online portal where donations can be made. It must be a secure website that protects donor information. Consider using set giving levels, such as $5, $10, $25, $50, etc., but be sure to include a “enter your own amount” option. Make sure your website and any printed marketing materials have clear instructions on how to donate if people do not wish to use the website; cash and checks should be just as welcome as credit or debit card donations. Fundraising for nonprofit organizations will be more successful if you make it easy for donors to send you money.

Target Small And Large Donations

Fundraising for nonprofit organizations should include strategies for securing both small and large donations. When seeking small donations, you should cast a large net to get as many donors as possible. The most commonly used techniques of fundraising for nonprofit organizations on a small scale include social media networking, special events, direct mailing and newsletters. When campaigning for large donations, it is important to identify individuals or organizations that are aligned with your vision and believe in the work you are doing. Large donations will most likely require one-on-one meetings, instead of an online meeting, with a formal presentation to be successful. When fundraising for nonprofit organizations, you should be sure to have separate strategies for small and large donations.

Apply For Government And Foundation Grants

Fundraising for nonprofit organizations can come from applying for government and foundation grants. This can be time consuming as there are often a variety of application forms to be completed. Often times, grant writer may need to be hired for this task. The good news is grants are often for a sizable amount, making them worth the effort. They also often come with free digital signage to provide your nonprofit with better advertising, which is certainly a plus. Do not forget about government and foundation grants when fundraising for nonprofit organizations.

Be Transparent And Show Where The Money Goes

Fundraising for nonprofit organizations should be transparent on all ends of the spectrum. When seeking donations, be upfront about it and do not try to trick people into giving money. Show your donors where their money is going to put them at ease. Post pictures and share stories about how their financial support changed someone’s life. It is understood that some funds may be required to pay staff and hold events if it is spoken about openly. Be transparent when fundraising for nonprofit organizations so donors will be encouraged to continue to contribute to your purpose.

Fundraising for nonprofit organizations can be a challenging but rewarding process. Make sure you have a strong brand that is easily recognizable and aligns with your intended audience. Seek donations from a number of sources, but scale your approach accordingly. When fundraising for nonprofit organizations, consider these tips to successfully reach your funding goals.

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