How To Find Lost Money Rightfully Owed To Your Accounts

If there is ever a chance that you lost money somewhere among the red tape of being a business owner or simply a tax-paying citizen, you need to find it. Get a money counting machine because that money is rightly yours. But, many people do not even realize that they are missing money. They do not know that the government is holding on to their hard-earned cash until it is sought out. If you are a business owner, you know that every single penny counts. That is why finding lost money you are entitled to is so important. Use the steps below to find out how to find lost money within the system. This way, you can invest it right back into your business.

Forgotten Old Savings Bonds

Old savings bonds are one of the most common sources of unclaimed money. Many people forget they ever even had any treasure bonds to begin with. That has left billions of dollars in unclaimed funds for you to comb through. You can visit the Treasury Hunt tool online offered by the U.S. Treasury to find lost savings bonds easily. They can be part of a nice endowment definition left in your name. If you manage to find any, you are sure to have a pretty penny to fund your business.

Search Your State

Check with your state to see if you have any unclaimed funds from abandoned safety deposit boxes or similar. Often, states have a specific department set up to hold unclaimed funds from uncashed overtime checks or any other number of situations. If you have ever moved between states, be sure to search with any other states you have lived in too. You never know where you may find money you never knew you had.

Cash Out At Credit Unions

If you or your family member has ever been a member of a credit union, this is another place to look for lost cash. You can search recently liquidated credit unions to find any unclaimed deposits you or a loved one has made. Then, you can file the appropriate paperwork to claim the lost money. Be sure to act within 18 months of a credit union closing however, as this is the best window of time to search for lost credit union deposits.

Shake Down The IRS

Just a couple years ago, the IRS reported over $1 billion dollars worth of unclaimed tax returns from 2011 alone. If you want to find lost tax returns, you have three years to backfile taxes. The average return lost is just around $800. Try to backfile your taxes if you think you may be owed a return. This is one of the more complicated ways to find lost money. But, it will also provide you a nice sum of cash to give your business a much-needed capital injection.

Look For Pensions

Old, unclaimed pensions could be another excellent source of unclaimed cash. In fact, millions of unclaimed dollars are left unused from pensions, specifically. The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, or PBGC, is a government agency that backs pensions from companies that went under. Search your name or your family members’ names in their handy unclaimed pension benefits database. Additionally, you can file a claim before the PPI deadline in other countries. You could find a nice financial cushion for your business pursuits if you are lucky.

Many business owners have unclaimed cash being left to waste in the government or in old bank accounts and investment accounts. Thankfully, there are ways to find unclaimed money online with a few quick searches. Search the places above to find lost money that you are entitled to. Then, feel free to inject that money right back into all your new business ideas without any guilt or worry.

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