5 Reasons Business Uniforms Do Wonders For Sales And Productivity


If you’re looking for ways to improve your business, but feel as if you’ve exhausted all of the possibilities — a trimmed workforce, a great marketing team, encouraging cash flow, etc. — there is one other way you may not have considered. New uniforms! This can be effective for all types of businesses, even an import export business.

Having your employees wear uniforms is a great way to improve your business for just the initial cost of the uniforms themselves. There are many benefits that uniforms can provide, especially if you find the perfect ones for your company. From improved customer service to more motivated employees, the image that a well-designed uniform can do wonders for your sales and productivity. They can work better than inspirational motivation quotes too. Here are some of the best benefits you can expect to see once you decide to switch to uniforms.

A More Attractive Business Image

One of the best things you can do to increase your customer relations and your customer base itself is to present a business image that puts them at ease and looks professional. Having a dedicated uniform for all of your employees is one of the easiest ways to convey that image.

Think about it: you can probably tell an employee of several large companies from a distance just by the color of their uniforms. Best Buy has bright blue shirts. UPS has brown. These companies have marketed their colors into a walking billboard that keep their brand in the forefront of your mind every time you see them.

You can do this for your business as well. If you can pare down your uniforms to represent the essence of your business, people will soon begin to associate them with your company. That means every time your employee is heading to work, or is out in public with their uniform on, people will notice your brand.

Extra Promotion

If you purchase the right business uniforms as a part of your retail business plan, you could also be gaining the added advantage of free business promotion. McDonald’s employees will not wear their uniforms outside of work hours because their uniforms are unattractive, ill-fitting and slightly humiliating. However, if you purchase cool company t-shirts or otherwise stylish business apparel, your employees will want to wear it outside their work hours. This gains your business added exposure. It can also lead employees to promote your business by word of mouth as well, if someone asks about their apparel. The free promotion offered by stylish work uniforms is an advantage that cannot be understated.

Improve Punctuality

If you decide to switch to uniforms, you may get a negative reaction from your employees at first: “who wants to look like everyone else?” “I want to be able to express my individuality!” The good news is that once you make the switch, those concerns should quickly fade away.

Once you switch to uniforms, your employees will no longer have to spend time in the morning staring at their closet, wondering what they are going to wear. All they will have to do is get ready and throw on the uniform that you provided in the corporate resolution. It wouldn’t be surprised that after a few weeks, your employees will fully embrace the uniforms because it makes their mornings easier.

And the best part is that this means your employees will probably be more punctual. Since they already know what they will be wearing every day, they should have an easier time getting to work on time.

Improved Productivity

Another benefit you will see very quickly is that productivity should increase. This is because once people wear uniforms, they will begin to feel more like a team.

Just as with sporting teams, a common uniform provides employees with a sense of belonging, a sense that they will do things to help out their fellow teammates because they would do the same for them. This can have a powerful effect on your team’s’ productivity overall, creating a more efficient and helpful workforce.

If you have different tiers of employees you want uniforms for, then you can even switch the colors to designate levels. This makes it easier for employees to differentiate between supervisors and entry-level workers so they can find who they need as soon as they need them. This will help keep the workflow moving and make the days go by more smoothly, which is always one of the hot button issues in business.

Protect Your Employees

Sometimes, depending on what industry you are in, Uniforms and Scrubs are necessary to keep your employees safe.

You can find uniforms that are flame and heat resistant or uniforms that are highly visible, each of which is designed to keep your employees from getting injured. Keeping your employees safe is a no-brainer for any company, as it will make your employees more comfortable in their jobs and you will not have a lot of workers compensation claims that can dig into your cash.

People want to know that their employees are concerned with their safety and that they don’t have to worry about getting injured. A uniform that adds protection, as well as comfort, is a great way to show this. Providing your employees with uniforms that have screen printed transfers is a great way to upgrade your business productivity and image.

Image from https://blog.fcaworkvehiclesus.com/2015/04/23/employee-uniforms-good-idea-or-big-mistake/

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  1. When I was younger, I had a job that switched to uniforms and a lot of us were unhappy with it and never came around to liking them. I really think it is important to find a uniform that your employees will be comfortable with. From a customer stand point, it is easier to locate help by seeing someone in a uniform with a name tag. Thanks for sharing!

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