5 Ways To Implement Office Noise Cancellation In Small Spaces

Office noise cancellation is essential for productivity. It has been proven that the noisier the office space, the less work employees get done. If you have made the switch to VoIP, there might be multiple people on the phone in a small office. Noise levels are also the most commonly complained about distraction in offices. As a small business owner, you shouldn’t take this lightly. Here, you will find ways to offer office noise cancellation in your small space.

Create Noise-Reducing Windows

Reducing the noise from your windows that disrupts your small office can make a huge difference. This is a great option if your small office’s location is near a boisterous environment like a construction zone. If this is the case, chances are, your employees are distracted. This can be resolved by reducing that outside noise. The best option you have to accomplish this is to purchase noise-cancelling shades for your windows. In doing so, you will be offering your employees a quieter work environment.

Make Your Office Floor Sound Friendly

Sound-friendly floors can lessen your office’s noise levels tremendously. You may even find yourself getting distracted by the various footsteps of your employees during your time in the office. The solution to this distraction is to eliminate those sounds to the best of your ability. This can be done in multiple ways. Carpeting is the best option. If you’re looking to keep your hardwood flooring in your small office, you should look to acoustic underlay. This reduces impact sounds. Whichever option you choose, making your office floor sound-friendly is a great way to offer office noise cancellation.

Provide Headphones

Headphones work wonders when it comes to noise cancellation in small offices. You should especially look into providing headphones if you typically hold meetings in your small office. If you don’t, don’t put it past headphones to still increase the productivity of your workspace. They are also great for blocking out any outside noise and side conversations in the office. Another beneficial factor is that they allow your employees to choose how they cancel the office noise. They have control over what they are listening to, which increases their comfort level. According to the Two Factory Theory, the more comfortable they are, the more productive they will be. Providing noise-cancelling headphones for your employees is a simple yet effective way to allow them to block out all noise on a daily basis in their own way.

Consider Changing Your Office Layout

The noise level of your office has a lot to do with how it’s set up. Any equipment that produces noise should be positioned as far away from your employees as possible. Since you are most likely the one conversing the most throughout the day, set your space aside from theirs. The further the main in-office noise producers are from your employees, the more office noise cancellation you can offer.

Decorate With Plants

Plants make wonderful office decorations while simultaneously reducing noise. Plants are capable of absorbing a lot of the noise that is disrupting your small office. Place them in parts of your office that produce the most noise. You should also keep them on furniture that is not sound-friendly. Decorating your office with plants not only keeps it fresh and comforting, but also helps you to create a noise-cancelling office.

Office noise cancellation isn’t too difficult to create. You have many noise cancellation options to choose from. You should consider creating noise-cancelling windows. Looking into sound-proofing your floors is another popular option. Providing headphones can drown out a lot of office noise in small settings. Shifting the way your office is set up can really eliminate a lot of sound. Plants are great for absorbing unnecessary noise in your small office as well. Additionally, you can use a noise cancellation device. Take these options into consideration when trying to provide your employees with office noise cancellation in your small office.

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