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Jupiter Asset Management is a fund management group based out of the United Kingdom. If you are a finance manager based out of the United States or elsewhere, you may be wondering why Jupiter Asset Management should be of importance to you. One reason is for their blog posts. That may seem a bit outlandish to you. However, by the end of this post you will value the importance of this company for you. This post will provide you with some valuable information to be gained by reading blogs from Jupiter Asset Management.

Indian Economics

The most recent blog post about stock investing from Jupiter Asset Management covered the topic of Indian Economics. No matter where you live in the world, as a finance manager, you understand the importance of the global market. This post can provide you with valuable insight about the current state of India’s economy. It helps that this particular post was written by a fund manager who services India, as it provides you with inside information that you would not be able to find elsewhere. If you are looking for information on Indian economics, you may not come up with many reliable sources. Jupiter Asset Management’s blog will provide you with the information you need from a respected source.

UK’s Referendum

You may possibly be concerned with UK’S coming “brexit” referendum. Look no further than the blog of Jupiter Asset Management for an in-depth analysis of the situation. As a finance manager, you will of course be most concerned with the market implications of a possible “brexit.” The post from Jupiter Asset Management focuses specifically on how Britain’s exit from the European Union could effect the global economy. It provides a neutral look at a tense situation from a financial point of view. Though you may not have expected it, you can learn much about the UK’s referendum and possible financial repercussions through Jupiter Asset Management’s blog.

Climate Change And Strategic Risk

Another important blog post from Jupiter that you may want to take a look at is one involving climate change and strategic risk. The writer of the post takes a hard look at ongoing concern about climate change and its relation to finance professionals for fundamental analysis. The information and expert opinion included in this post is not something you would be able to find elsewhere. The topic discussed may also be a connection you had not thought of yourself. This blog is yet another example of an opportunity for learning that the blog of Jupiter Asset Management provides you.

Year Outlook

Jupiter Asset Management discussed the yearly outlook for 2016 in great detail on their blog. While it may be a little too late in the year for this to matter much now, it can be good to remember for the future. If you are looking for a yearly outlook for all markets, not just domestic ones, this can be a great spot to head to. The blog posts written by Jupiter Asset Management are always authored by a knowledgeable, prominent figure in the finance industry. You can be sure that the information to be gained from the blog is always legitimate and well-researched. After all, Jupiter’s reputation is at stake with each post. The blog of Jupiter Asset Management provides you with another opportunity for free financial information in their yearly outlook posts.

Additional Resources

Jupiter Asset Management also provides excellent informative videos for marketing. Although you cannot find these videos on their own website, you can easily find them on Youtube. Jupiter Asset Management was the focus of the Marketing Nation Success Series of short videos. This two minute video gives you an excellent idea of what it takes to succeed in finance or over the counter trading. If you are interested in the marketing aspect of financial services, you may want to check it out.

While you may not have been aware of it before, Jupiter Asset Management’s blog provides a wealth of information for you, the finance manager. It can be a great starting point to gain a global perspective on current ongoings in the financial sector. Check out their most recent blogs regarding Indian economics, UK’s “brexit” referendum and the effect of climate change on strategic risk. These blog posts will provide you with a wealth of expert lessons and advice. Be sure to take advantage of it.

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