Top Mobile Shredding Companies That Meet Stringent Security Standards


Mobile shredding services offer a ton of conveniences for small businesses. Firstly, they take the responsibility of shredding important legal documents off your hands. Secondly, they eliminate the need for bulky, loud office paper shredders in your office. Finally, they save valuable time that might have been needed to do all of that shredding on your own. If you own a business, you may value the business help of a mobile shredding company. Choose one that offers the greatest conveniences and prices. Here are some of the best mobile shredding services.

Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain is one of the leading data management companies in the U.S. They have locations all over the country. In addition, they offer services beyond paper shredding such as data storage and consulting. Iron Mountain offers record management for health, financial and legal documents. The mobile shredding company also provides services for disk media and hard drives along with paper. They even have services for entertainment companies that want to preserve certain works of art. In terms of services and features, Iron Mountain has the most to offer. Pricing is also very competitive. However, they do have extra charges for anything beyond basic record storage or paper shredding. If you are in need of a variety of shredding and data management solutions, Iron Mountain should have you covered.

Shred Nations

Shred Nations is a NAID-certified shredding company. The company follows government guidelines for document shredding. These guidelines include cutting items down to a specific size and providing legal certification as proof of destruction. Consequently, you can expect Shred Nations to fill your mobile shredding needs with utmost certainty. They have a very easy-to-use, comprehensive website. The company is unique in that they cut documents down to a size smaller than government guidelines requires. This may not seem entirely necessary. However, it is their way of offering an extra layer of office security to your document destruction. Shred Nations does not offer data management services like Iron Mountain. They are instead a solid choice if security is your primary concern.

ProShred Security

ProShred Security is the perfect mobile shredding solution if confidentiality is of the utmost concern for your business. You can easily submit a request on their website to find out how much the services would cost. However, an even better place to look on their website is their “Security Considerations” page. You can find out how their pierce and tear shredding trucks result in a more secure shredding service than other options. You can also learn about what makes ProShred Security’s single shaft rotary grinders, or SSRG, shear material against a bed knife to provide granulate that meets size requirements for security. If you are concerned about securities fraud and need the security and confidentiality provided by your mobile shredding company to reflect that, consider ProShred.


Recall, like Shred Nations, is NAID-certified. They offer basic paper shredding services along with digital imaging and electronic file storage. So they do offer a little more than Shred Nations. Unfortunately, they lack a drop-off service. This can be inconvenient for businesses that require a full hands-off approach to paper shredding. In exchange, they offer the same rates for on-site and off-site shredding. This is a considerable benefit. Most shredding companies charge a little more for on-site shredding. They also offer a security risk assessment. They will provide you advice on where legal documents should be stored and how often they should be destroyed. If these seem like important features for your business, consider using Recall as your mobile shredding service.


Shred-it is competitively priced and offers NAID-certified paper shredding. The company also provides delivery service for disk and hard-drive destruction. Like Recall, they offer security-risk assessments, as well. Shred-it falls behind the other companies on this list. This is due to their lack of secondary offerings, such as data management. However, they are very competent in their paper shredding services. This mobile shredding company provides one-time services along with regularly scheduled services. Shredding companies that offer security-risk assessments are also rather hard to come by. Therefore, Shred-it has a major advantage in this regard. Simplicity, pricing and security-risk assessments are Shred-it’s main features. Give them a good look if these are areas of concern for you.

Mobile shredding services can provide a lot of conveniences for your business. Along with the necessary paper shredding, they can store important data electronically. These companies can also keep records of all your documents for future use. Choosing a good shredding service is crucial for taking full advantage of these features. Refer to the companies in this post. You are sure to have your mobile shredding needs filled.

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