How To Calculate The Most Popular Business Companies In The World

What are the most popular companies in the world? We can analyze the most profitable, highest volume or fastest growing. However, to determine the popularity of a business, we need to account for the perception of the public. If you didn’t know, there is a Reputation Institute that sorts companies after the public perception of their performance in regards to seven areas:

  1. Products and services
  2. Workplace
  3. Innovation
  4. Governance
  5. Citizenship
  6. Performance
  7. Leadership

With these criteria in mind, here are the most popular companies around the world. Remember, this top does not take into consideration things such as revenue, the number of employees or market exposure.


Rolex took first place in this top mostly due to spotless reputation in the products and services area. Actually, it had a position in top 10 for every category taken into consideration. Even though sales of luxury watch brands suffered a drop compared to the last year, Rolex still managed to get the first place.

Walt Disney

Having a perfect score in citizenship and governance, Walt Disney only missed the first place by a hair. With over 185000 employees, the company based in California needs no further presentation.


Google had a very good score in performance and workplace categories but only took the third place in the overall classification. Google seems to be bigger and bigger with every year that passes and the recent birth of Alphabet parent holding company seems to confirm it.


The former leader of the top, BMW managed to still make the top 10, and most important, be on the top of its rival – Daimler. With over 100 years of existence and an awesome fleet of brands like Mini and Rolls-Royce under its portfolio, BMW seems to be the best car maker in the world.


Previously being a top 3 brand, Daimler fell two positions and occupies the fifth place this year. Even though sales went up over 13% compared to the last year, Daimler did not get good enough scores to beat their rival BMW.


Winning the title when speaking about reputation in Europe, Middle East and Africa, this year Lego occupies the sixth place in the international chart. The famous toy making factory seems to break its own records year after year and many believe it to be the second most powerful brand worldwide.


Quite a roller-coaster for Microsoft in this top. This year it managed to catch the top 10 after not being able to do so in the previous year. Their best products remain Windows, Microsoft Office and the Xbox gaming console. According to the research, Windows was the most used operating system used to access the Sun Bingo review page online.


Being the third most reputable brand in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, Canon is also the biggest maker of printers and cameras. They have even bigger plans as they just bought Toshiba’s medical division.


Sony managed to be within the 10 most reputable brands in ten out of the fifteen surveyed countries. Only Rolex managed to beat this performance. Apart from the music industry, the Japanese company also creates electronics and video games. With over 70 years of existence, this is a truly global brand.


It seems that Apple has some issues with its reputation. Even though they had great figures on innovation and leadership, this was not enough for them to go above the last place of this top. They are still one of biggest companies in business and technology. And, can expect that to rise in the future.

Now you know the 10 most reputable businesses in the world at this moment. Do you think this top is accurate and it reflects the reality? Clearly, they know what they are doing when it comes to marketing.

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