5 Reasons Ivy League Online MBA Programs Aren’t Widely Available

The Ivy League schools are some of the most prestigious, well known universities in the world. Comprised of eight schools, including Harvard University, Yale University and Cornell University, top student from around the globe aspire to study there. In fact, many business executives aim to receive an Ivy League MBA degree. However, only Columbia university offers a completely online MBA program. All of the others do incorporate online learning, but require in-person classes to earn an Ivy League MBA. Here are important reasons why the Ivy League Schools are keeping MBA programs on campus.

It’s About The Relationships

Ivy League MBA programs are built on relationships. All the professors, advisors and staff members have real world experience. Most likely, they have significant industry experience. The relationships built with the educational departments open doors into industry for the MBA degree candidates. On top of that, the relationship between candidates in the program are maintained long after graduation too. To build better relationships, in-person learning provides the most direct communication models. While an online Ivy League MBA might build some relationships, the quality of interaction is best in person.

Better Learning Experience

Inside a classroom, there is a higher level of dialogue than a chatroom. In person, the professor can guide a discussion that includes that various backgrounds, perspectives and experiences of fellow classmates. Especially in an Ivy League MBA classroom, the level of knowledge and intelligence exchanges between students in faster, more efficient manner. Of course, the learning experience is much better inside the classroom.

Keep The Ivy League Degree Exclusive

Next, the Ivy League schools all offer online business courses. You can even take online MBA classes at Harvard. However, you would not be eligible for an MBA degree. With the exception of Columbia University, all the other Ivy League universities have certificate, executive or specialization programs. These are all highly demanded programs that may have similar knowledge to an online MBA. They are all a big online business for each university. But, in order to actually earn the degree, you must be accepted into an MBA program at the Ivy League institution.

Maintaining Price Levels

Moreover, Ivy League online MBA programs would completely change the cost structure of an MBA degree. With so much demand to get into their programs, there is no reason to compromise the quality of interaction and education in their programs by offering lower prices. This way, Ivy League MBA programs remain some of the best options to receive a masters degree in business. Meanwhile, they can maintain the premium prices that candidates are willing to pay for their MBA education.

Distance Learn Reputation

The millennial generation might have no problems with an full time Ivy League MBA online. However, the older generations might still have a negative sentiment towards a distance learning program. Even candidates themselves have admitted to saying that the Harvard Extension School is like the “backdoor” to the university. When in comes to their MBA programs, the universities want to ensure that the reputation of their programs and students are highly regarded. For now, the jury is out on the overall reputation of online Ivy League MBA programs.

Ivy League online MBA programs might become more popular in the future. At the moment, only Columbia University offers a full time online MBA program. The other Ivy League schools including University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business does not have a complete online MBA degree. They have many business challenges to overcome. These include relationship building, education experience, exclusivity, prices and reputation. It will be interesting to see how Columbia University’s Ivy League online MBA will perform compared to the other universities.

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