How To Revitalize Cheap Used Office Furniture

There are several ways to revitalize cheap used office furniture. Revitalizing used furniture strongly impacts your employees’ and clients’ perception of your office space. Typically, an office renovation often costs over $200 per square foot including design, demolition, contracting and finishing. To keep costs low, repurposed office furniture brings new energy into your office. As a business owner, you want your employees to enjoy the office they work in along with functional furniture. In this post, we cover how to revitalize cheap used office furniture during a renovation.

Buy Wood Desks To Refinish

Buy wooden desks to revitalize cheap used office furniture. Used wood desks are an excellent, sustainable addition to the office. Often times, you can find a company closing down or a career tradesperson in the wood industry. If the desks are structurally sound but don’t look their best, refinish them to bring new life and enhance the office aesthetic. To refinish an old wooden desk, apply paint stripper and scrape the old finish off. Then, sand the surface smooth, clean the desk off, and apply the clear finish coat of your choice. Now, you are ready to stain your desks. Pick a color that fits the office theme you are creating. Refinishing is a great and affordable way to restore desks, and make a fine addition to your office space.

Reupholster Office Chairs

Purchase cheap used office chairs and reupholster them to revitalize your office space. Take the cushion off your seats to effectively disassemble the chairs. Then, measure the amount of fabric you need to wrap around the cushion. Once you have done so, pull the fabric tightly over your cushion and staple it around the bottom. At this point, cut the excess fabric off of your cushion, and reassemble your chair. If you need custom parts in bulk, you can order them to fix broken chairs. Reupholstering old office chairs provides the opportunity to pick from a wide variety of materials and colors. This way, you can effectively make your office furniture unique to you. For the additional price of a staple gun and a few rolls of fabric, reupholster and revitalize office chairs with a brand new look!

Use Old Filing Cabinets For A New Look

Next, use old filing cabinets to revitalize your office space with a brand new look. With a little wood, paint, and glue, turn old filing equipment into rustic cabinets that tie the room together. Take strips of balsa wood and cut them to the length of the cabinet drawer. Then, stain the wood to whatever color you please. Once you have done so, spray paint the filing cabinet, and crazy glue the stained balsa. Of course, don’t forget to remove the locks before you put the wood over the drawer’s face. The result is a very trendy cabinet that provides the space and durability of strong metal filing cabinets. This revitalizing modification is fairly quick and affordable. Therefore, complete every cabinet in the office for very little money, which certainly brightens up the office. Clearly, revitalizing used cabinet furniture is a quick and efficient face lift when remodeling their office.

Turn Old Desks Into Dining Tables

Buy cheap old desks to repurpose into dining tables to revitalize your office space. This is another easy project that will save your office money. Remove any drawers on the desk and replace them with metal or wooden legs. These wooden desks can be refinished by sanding off any finishes and retaining the wood. To enhance your furniture design, paint the company logo or add your business name on the new table. Or, put a glass top over the table. Then, put important, memorable pictures of the company’s achievements below the glass. A few cheap used office desks make excellent dining tables, which is key to revitalize your space.

Create Use Office Cubicle Art

Of course, many business owners turn existing furniture into exciting new decorations. Turn used cubicle walls into awesome office billboards. Just mount one on an empty wall and let the office decorate it. At the same time, transform your old file cabinets into planters. Then, use the spare drawers for floating wall shelves. Repurposing old office furniture is cheaper and better for the environment. Therefore, a little creativity can have a big impact on your office’s furniture design. If you’re stumped, the internet is full of awesome DIY projects that will transform your office. Certainly, turn used furniture into exciting decorations to sufficiently revitalize your business’s office.

Cheap, used office furniture is an excellent resource for business owners that want to revamp their office on a budget. Old wooden desks can be sanded and refinished to look like new, which makes an awesome work station for your employees. Old office chairs are easy to reupholster, only requiring fabric, a staple gun, and some scissors. Cheap filing cabinets can look like custom modern-rustic drawers to bring a fresh aesthetic into your office. A few old desks become amazing custom dining tables for your break room, which will be important to keep your employees morale up, creating a rewarding occupation experience. Any extra materials can be converted into shelves, planters, or any other valuable designs. Follow the points highlighted above to learn how to revitalize cheap used office furniture during a renovation.

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