Set Up Your Free Professional Email Address For A New Company

So you’ve recently started a new business venture or job but are still using an email address through a domain of your old company or one that just doesn’t apply. Instead of sticking with an email address that is difficult to spell or remember, look into the possibility of setting up a free professional email address. Entrepreneurs can setup free email that is quick and easy. Soon enough, your professional relationships will thank you.

Choose Your Server

There are endless options for a server to house your new email address. Make sure you’re doing your research to see which option is right for you. Take into account the amount of storage you’re going to need, or how many addresses you want to create. If you are opening a business and need to create email addresses for multiple employees, self hosting is another potential option. However, to get started you can host your business email address free.

Select Your Name

Choosing a name for your email is arguably the most important step. Something easy to remember and concise is generally best, such as your name or the name of your business. When getting customers to sign a sales representative agreement, your email will be noticeable and memorable. If you have a very common name, incorporating your job with your own name is a great way to be memorable and different. Try not to include too many numbers or difficult to spell words, as this may be confusing for those trying to contact you.

Send Professional Emails

When responding to your email through your new address, be sure to address anyone you are contacting or whom is contacting you in a courteous and professional manner. In order to become a respected CEO, you have to communicate like one. Do a cursory spelling and grammar check, and use your personal email address for any personal tasks.  By only using your new professional email address for professional correspondence, you will create a respectable business persona.

Check Regularly And Reply

A new email address is pointless if you are not going to check it. When reaching out through email, clients and customers expect a prompt and thorough response. Check your email regularly, and set up notifications and reminders on all devices you conduct business on. Email is a great way to respond to clients and customers during non-conventional hours, and can easily help them view you as reliable and helpful.

Set Up Mail Forwarding

If you have an email address that you are currently using but no longer plan on checking, make sure to forward your messages to your professional email address. Depending on your server, it should be a simple process, and will be worth while in order to prevent messages from falling through the cracks. Furthermore, you can forward relevant mail to your venture partners automatically. When responding to forwarding messages, you can let whoever you are emailing know about the new and up to date way to reach you.

A professional email address is a great and free step you should be sure to complete when setting up a new business opportunity. Professional appearance is everything, and email is a quick and free way to reach consumers for both marketing and customer service purposes. Do some research on the best avenue for you, and get ready to send and receive emails in a truly professional setting.

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