5 Small Business Event Planning Tips On A Limited Budget

If your business is small in terms of clients, hosting conferences and networking events can be an effective means of promoting its offerings and, therefore, helping it to grow. However, planning those corporate event ideas can also be arduous given all of the responsibilities that may fall to you. It can take a lot of time and resources to plan  small business events.

This means you need to be careful how you plan your event if you are eager to make the most of your time and money investment in it. Here are some particularly worthwhile pieces of advice.

Determine Your Target Audience

You should make this your very first step because it can make all other decisions – including those concerning the event’s content, prices and location – much easier. With a clear idea of your target audience, you can invite individuals who have a good chance of becoming customers or clients after the event.

Furthermore, it will assist you in maintaining your pursuit of specific goals, rather than falling by the wayside due to the distractions that can arise from an overly broad scope.

Closely Consider All Details Of Your Event

This warrants emphasis because people attending the event will attribute every single aspect of it to your company – and, by extension, its brand. This can have powerful promotional benefits, so you should make note of everything you are planning for the event.

Those details should include not only the event’s content but also its refreshments and how people can reach the venue. Our luxury venue, Château Bouffémont, is a mere 30km from Paris city centre; hence, a broad array of people can easily journey to this chateau for corporate event days.

Don’t Lose Sight Of The Event’s Corporate Purpose

Why do you want to hold this event? You may be seeking to generate leads, foster stronger customer loyalty, or perhaps more widely promote your company’s offerings.

It’s crucial to always carefully consider the goal of your event, given that this will feed an array of other decisions. For example, if you are intent on hosting a fashion exhibition, the chateau can make an especially fitting ‘haute couture’ setting. Similarly beneficial would be the building’s proximity to the France capital Paris, a world-renowned fashion capital.

Start Your Marketing Before Tickets Become Available

According to research, people tend to hold off buying from an individual or company until they have been in contact with them on at least seven occasions.

For this reason, your marketing budget should make room for pre-launch content, in which you can provide teasers of what will be offered or provided at the event. It can also prove a cost-effective tactic – and incorporate the likes of free webinars and video lessons.

Stand Out By Adding A Personal Touch

Generating feverish excitement about your event will be easier if your brand’s influence is clearly evident. Customising a corporate event in such a manner can be straightforward here at Château Bouffémont, due to our tailor-made service.

Furthermore, your company can opt to use our fairytale venue – including its fine fabrics and manicured French gardens – for the entirety of the event. This can give you freer rein to set out the event space to your liking.

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