5 Startup Restaurant Appliances For New Commercial Kitchens

Restaurant appliances play a major role in starting up a restaurant business. New restaurant owners like yourself often find themselves forgetting essential kitchen equipment. On the day you open for business, the commercial kitchen should have all the essentials to prep and serve meals. More goes into a restaurant kitchen than what meets the eye. With that in mind, read on for kitchen restaurant appliances necessary for startups.

Accessible Shelving

Accessibility is incredibly important when it comes to shelving. Restaurants need kitchen shelving that all employees are able to reach. After all, other restaurant appliances need somewhere to go. Employees need those other appliances. Unreachable appliances in the kitchen can lead to disaster. For instance, imagine your head chef is unable to reach a main ingredient for a meal. Their workers are busy cooking other dishes. So, they spend time trying to find a safe way to reach the ingredient they need. The meals get backed up. Your customers are unhappy. Prevent such an occurrence. Purchase easy-to-reach shelving when shopping for your restaurant appliances.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers should be at the top of your restaurant appliances checklist. Depending on the size of your restaurant and kitchen, more than one may be necessary. Buy too many rather than too little. Prioritize safety over cost. You can save yourself money and maybe even legal disputes in the future. Maintain the necessary number of fire extinguishers in your kitchen at all times. They are a significant restaurant appliance that cannot be overlooked.

Cleaning Stations

Similarly, cleaning stations deal with safety measures. They, too, are essential restaurant appliances. Cleanliness is the key to starting up a restaurant business. Customers are more likely to return to a clean restaurant. With that in mind, you need cleaning stations. Stations should include both employee sanitation and dishware sanitation. For employees, set up hand-washing stations. Therefore, employees’ hands must be appropriately washed upon entering and working in the kitchen. Clean dishware is also critical. Commercial dishwashers are worth your money. Imagine a customer receives their drink in a dirty glass. Their entire experience is ruined. Remember to spend time deciding on cleaning stations for your restaurant.

Food Preparation Surfaces

Other restaurant appliances to purchase for your startup include food preparation surfaces. Buy prep tables, counters, and multiple cutting appliances. This will give your cooks the space required to prepare a famous frozen yogurt recipe or hand tossed salad. When purchasing such restaurant appliances for your kitchen, consider the material. Look for stainless steel. Less corrosion occurs with stainless steel. The material also withstands the strong sanitizing products you will be using. Purchase either plastic or wooden cutting boards for easy cleaning. Proper food preparation surfaces are paramount to your startup.

A POS System

Finally, purchase a Point Of Sale (POS) system. Although a POS system may not seem like it fits in with the above kitchen restaurant appliances, it does. The system will assist you in tracking all orders. In addition, it will also create optimal communication between waiters and kitchen staff. POS system software allow for quick and easy order inputting. Waiters simply plug their orders into the machine. In a short amount of time, the kitchen staff has the orders in front of them. Buy a printer with the system so your kitchen staff has tangible tickets. Your new restaurant’s meal delivery times will be insanely quick with a POS system.

As a new restaurant owner, you cannot afford to forget any necessary kitchen restaurant appliances. Find accessible shelving. Purchase numerous fire extinguishers for exceptional safety. Set up multiple cleaning stations. Ensure good food with dedicated preparation surfaces. Lastly, buy a POS system. Now, you are aware of the kitchen restaurant appliances necessary for startups.

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