Tossed Salad Franchise Answers Demand For Convenient Health Food


Tossed Restaurant offers you an exciting business opportunity with an innovating range of dishes for your customers. They have been serving wholesome nutritious food to their customers for almost a decade, growing interest in lighter and healthier snacking options. As a result, the company is set to become one of the best in the health foods industry. In fact, Tossed Restaurant is one of the firsts of its kind to tap into the recent demand for convenient, healthy food. As an investor in a Tossed franchise restaurant, you can be one of the first movers in the industry too, without having to create your own food truck business plan.

Tossed Salad Briefing

Founded in 1998, Tossed shared a view to serve healthy snacks that can be at delicious at the same time. Quickly, the company has grown to be a popular chain with an amazing, cult-like following. Their completely customize-able menu ensures customer loyalty for their business. And, with breakfast and catering services also available, you know that your customers would be happy to order for a variety of events or purposes.

Marketing Advantage

With such an emphasis on building the brand value, Tossed has moved on to offer quite lucrative options for its franchisee owners. The restaurant, being one of its kind, is particular about its collaborations with the right partners. But, once approved, they offer extensive training, including an on-the-job learning program to provide the franchisee owners as many resources as possible. Furthermore, the franchise marketing team would ensure a comprehensive market analysis for your business and identify the strategies in your market climate. They can also offer help with direct mail marketing and other business marketing strategies. Though the company is positioned to open up stores with relatively high population density, you also have the option to open your kiosks at more convenient locations.

Ongoing Support

Unlike other food franchises, Tossed salad franchises offer ongoing support for a multitude of business operations. This helps to give franchisees a leg up on the competition with exclusive expert advice. The Tossed franchisors provide support through a franchisee newsletter, regular meetings and a toll-free hotline. They provide help with purchasing co-ops and hosting a grand opening, as well as internet, security and field operations. If you need support managing a business, the Tossed franchise is happy to oblige.

Exclusive Area Rights

Tossed salad restaurants also provide an incredible advantage to franchisees – exclusive location rights. If you purchase a Tossed franchise, you can be certain that you will never have competition in your particular county or even state. According to the company, if you are capable of running multiple units, you will be given the go-ahead to do so for your entire region. So, you can rest easy knowing that by purchasing a Tossed restaurant, you will not have to worry about your territory being flooded with competition.

Generally, the prevailing dining habits among the new age Americans are placing considerable emphasis on fresh, minimally processed and low fat ingredients. Research also reveals a rise in the demand for pick-and-choose menu options. Undoubtedly, Tossed has been able to identify the potential market and satisfy their demand for healthy, great tasting food. With such loyal customers and growing awareness, you can also take advantage of the business opportunity ahead if you want to start your own business with the help of the seasoned business experts at Tossed.

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