Implement These Trade Show Ideas To Attract More Attendees

Trade shows are great places to meet new customers, share your new invention ideas and get business in an industry. If you have ever attended a trade show event for your industry, you might have seen trade show exhibits that range from very simple to overly elaborate. As a marketing professional, it is your job to make the most out of your company’s presence at a trade show. To help you attract visitors at an event, we have covered some of the top trade show ideas to try out.

Giveaway Promotional Products

At trade show events, the best way to be remember is through lasting experiences. However, attendees at the event could be interacting with dozens of other businesses like yours. If you want them to remember you, give them something that they can keep and take later on. Moreover, promotional products are proven to increase the likelihood of them buying from your company. When people around the event take notice of your great promotional giveaways like t-shirts, mugs or light up items, they will check out your display too.

Choose An Attractive Display

As you might have seen at previous trade show events, many companies invest heavily into their displays. Even if you do not have a massive budget, many trade show counters can make an exhibit look professional. Sometimes, a simple and clean look will help passersby focus on the company identity or product itself. A potential customer is more likely to take interest in your company when it has an attractive display. It communicates that your company has prepared for the event and welcomes customers to learn more.

Introduce Fun Props At The Event

Whatever your company provides, you can probably think of a fun prop to introduce at the trade show. These should be large props that people will take notice of when walking by. When attendees have fun with props, they will take the time to learn about your business and what it offers. On top of that, they might share pictures of themselves with your props on social media. If your props are relevant to your brand identity, this could end up attracting attendees at the trade show event and marketing to everyone on their social networks too.

Provide Interactive Content Experiences

More commonly used for tech related companies, content experiences allow trade show goers to experience software, content and information in new ways. A series of touch screens and tablets can give your visitors a direct experience of your platform, app ideas or content. For most digital trade show events, the signage and interactive content can attract many people to check out your company and spend some time engaging with it’s content.

Offer Contests To Trade Show Attendees

In addition to great experiences, people love to win contests as trade shows. They are willing to “trade” their information for the chance to win a free trip, product or tickets. If possible, you can even give away free services with authorization of the company of course. With an attractive prize, you could end up having a lot of people enter the contest while collecting valuable contact data or market information. Try using contents to attract more people at a trade show event.

Try using these trade show ideas to attract more people to your brand. You can entice attendees with many different attractions. Some of the most effective ideas include promotional giveaways, attractive displays and fun props. Moreover, your marketing efforts will be amplified with immersive content experiences and contests that people can sign up for. Keep these awesome trade show ideas in mind to have a great response at your next event.

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