5 Best Video Mobile Advertising Trends For Social Media

Marketing professionals who keep up with mobile advertising trends enhance brand identity. Video trends, in particular, are on the rise across various social media platforms. Social media has become a significant component of mobile advertising. As a marketing professional yourself, you are constantly searching for ways to grow on platforms. In order to do so, consider your video content. Continue reading to discover the best video mobile advertising trends for social media.

Rewarded Video

Firstly, recognize rewarded video ads as one of the top mobile advertising trends. Many consumers scrolling through social media find constant ads annoying. Rather than aggravating potential customers with your ads, try rewarded video advertisements. This type of advertising is powered by an opt-in strategy. With this technique, you persuade consumers to choose to play your video. In return, you provide them with some type of reward or reward program. A consumer scrolling through Instagram or Facebook is much more likely to play a video that offers them something. Furthermore, they are more likely to check out your brand. Rewarded video advertising is a very beneficial social media trend.

Shorter Length

Shorter video ads also provide advantageous results. Consider the attention span of most social media users. Typically, consumers on social media do not want to spend hours reading. Often times, they are sitting on buses on their way home from work or waiting for an event to start. Social media users enjoy platforms to pass the time. With that being said, they do not have time to engulf themselves in lengthy video ads. This is why shorter video advertisements are more effective. Post a series of shorter videos instead of one longer one. Consumers are more likely to watch the series. Follow this mobile advertising trend for marketing success.

Live Video

Live video also lies among the best video mobile advertising trends. Live videos provide a more interactive atmosphere on social media. For example, consider Facebook’s Facebook Live feature. You can advertise products and services while simultaneously conversing with potential customers. Perhaps a consumer has a question about a product. They ask it right away. In turn, you answer right away. Furthermore, your answer is heard by your entire audience watching. Live videos create engagement. Engagement is key to successful marketing and advertising.

Personalized Content

Additionally, personalized video content is trending on social media. Social media is made up of the two words “social” and “media” for a reason. Consumers use the media as a way to be social. They want to interact with real people. This can be difficult for companies who try to remain professional through video marketing. However, you can benefit from adding personalized touches to your profile. Video is a great way to do so. Customize your video ads for your followers. Speak to them directly. Your audience will continue watching your videos if they feel they can connect to you on a more personal level. Personalized content is one of the best mobile advertising trends for this reason.


Lastly, animation proves successful in video advertising. Animated videos are trending due to their ability to properly engage with audiences. Acknowledge all of the potential consumers that are visual learners. Furthermore, consider customers who scroll through social media in public settings. They cannot play video with sound. Animated videos allow for understanding with or without sound. Therefore, it is one of the many great mobile advertising strategies worth following.

Video mobile advertising trends on social media lead to greater following and audience engagement. Consider the opportunities rewarded video provides. Shorter videos grab consumers’ attention. Live video positively impacts audience involvement. Personalized video ads persuade potential customers to purchase products and services. Finally, animated video ads are easily comprehended. You can now implement the best video mobile advertising trends to your social media profiles.

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